Mass. drug bust nets 1,250 bags of heroin labeled ‘Obamacare’

HATFIELD, Mass. — Massachusetts state police say they’ve stopped a car carrying 1,250 packets of heroin stamped “Obamacare” and “Kurt Cobain” and arrested the four people inside it.

Police say a trooper was making a traffic stop in Northampton when another car passed and he noticed several violations.  

heroin_small Mass. drug bust nets 1,250 bags of heroin labeled ‘Obamacare’

He stopped the car a short time later in nearby Hatfield and found the driver wasn’t licensed to drive it. A state police dog found the bags of heroin.


Massachusetts state police seized 1,250 packets of heroin from a car and charged four people in the car with heroin trafficking.

The four suspects have been charged with heroin trafficking.

State police Lt. Daniel Richard says it’s not unusual for heroin to be stamped with numbers, words or symbols to identify who’s selling it.

But he says the “Obamacare” stamp is one he hadn’t heard of.

Four people were arrested, the Boston Globe reported.

The stop occurred at about 3 a.m. north of Springfield in western Massachusetts, police said. A trooper allegedly observed several traffic violations, pulled the car over and discovered the driver did not have a license.

Evidence of drug use was also allegedly spotted, and the trooper requested a drug-sniffing dog, which led to the discovery of the heroin. State police said the heroin had red labels that said “Obama Care.”

Tyler Robenstein, 23, and Ashley Beaulieu, 21, both of Colchester, Vt., and Marquese Jones, 22, and Sherod Green, 21, of Newark, N.J., were all charged with trafficking heroin and other drug charges. Robenstein, the driver, also faces several traffic charges.

Not guilty pleas were entered for all four at a court hearing Friday.