Massive Police Operation in Effect as Bilderberg Confab Convenes

The Watford Observer reports that “a massive police operation is being mounted around the hotel using anti-terror laws to close roads and footpaths” as the Bilderberg confab convenes and members of the financial elite arrive to discuss their agenda behind closed doors.

bilderbarbed_small Massive Police Operation in Effect as Bilderberg Confab Convenes

In addition to a large influx of police, the government has declared a no-fly zone over the globalist event, according to the newspaper.

Residents of the area are experiencing a virtual police state. “All public rights of way across the grounds of The Grove, including the towpath of the Grand Union Canal, are now suspended for the duration of the three-day conference.”

Roads are closed down and residents are required to show their papers as a prerequisite to gain access to their community.

Citizens invariably suffer when the global elite meet to discuss their annual plans for world government, war and economic implosion. Moreover, in addition to citizens enduring Gestapo-like treatment, police have manhandled the media and treated demonstrators as domestic terrorists.

Politicians are not immune. In 2011, at the Bilderberg confab in Switzerland, Italian European Parliament member Mario Borghezio was roughed up by police at the Suvretta hotel in St. Moritz.


Bilderberg Member Set to Speak on Record

Participant of secretive confab set to talk with BBC

A Bilderberg Group member is set to speak on record to the BBC in what represents an unprecedented move for the secretive organization, which is being forced to become more transparent in the face of huge protests and widespread condemnation.

060613bb Massive Police Operation in Effect as Bilderberg Confab Convenes


In advance of an interview with Alex Jones today, a BBC reporter told Infowars that the broadcaster had approached a Bilderberg member for a television interview and although the person had refused to be on camera, a telephone interview was likely.

As we reported yesterday, a separate source close to the security operation surrounding the confab told Infowars that numerous Bilderberg Group members were aggrieved at the organization’s obsession with secrecy and wanted to see more transparency.

Campaigners are inviting Bilderberg members to come and address crowds of demonstrators and press at a specially constructed podium within the grounds of the Grove Hotel in Watford, which is where the conference is taking place behind a huge police presence.

Bilderberg’s veil of secrecy is being lifted as a result of serious mainstream media coverage – which took decades to achieve – along with a huge increase in the number of demonstrators who show up to denounce the annual confab as a shadowy lobbying network.

In addition, the establishment media hoax that Bilderberg has no influence and is merely a “talking shop” or a golfing holiday is quickly disintegrating.

The Telegraph reports today that the 2004 Bilderberg meeting in Stresa, Italy was where the head of BP Lord Browne suggested a monumental merger with Shell to create the world’s biggest oil company, a merger that many analysts still expect to see at some point.

If a Bilderberg member does agree to an interview with the BBC it would likely serve as an opportunity to downplay the significance of the group, but the mere fact that a participant of the secretive confab has been forced to speak publicly represents major progress.

It would also mark the first time a Bilderberg member went on record since Lord Healy over a decade ago.