McConnell’s Attorney PAC ˜Stand For Truth’, Sending Money To Cruz PAC ˜Keep The Promise III’¦

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The amount of money Washington DC is spending to attack Donald Trump and support Senator Ted Cruz is astounding.

They’re not even trying to hide the money flow much any more.

We previously shared how Mitch McConnell’s attorney, Eric Lycan was heading a PAC called “Stand For Truth”. That PAC was spending money attacking Donald Trump and Supporting Ted Cruz in Jan/Feb, in Iowa and on National Radio Shows – SEE HERE

mitch_small McConnell's Attorney PAC ˜Stand For Truth', Sending Money To Cruz PAC ˜Keep The Promise III'¦

The eye opener was the revelation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was supporting Ted Cruz all along.  Which, against current information, solidifies the basic principle the entire Cruz -vs- McConnell dust-up was a staged event for public consumption in order to hoodwink conservatives.  (more on that later)

However, in the most recent filing, Lycan sent Ted Cruz Super-PAC (KtP III) $100,000 which was part of a massive pro-Cruz campaign expenditure on Facebook and Google.

ktp-iii-march McConnell's Attorney PAC ˜Stand For Truth', Sending Money To Cruz PAC ˜Keep The Promise III'¦

(Starter Link – just enter Keep The Promise, or Stand For Truth in FEC search box)

The Cruz people spent:

  • $222,900+ on Facebook purchases; and
  • $432,200+ on Google Placement purchases in the month of February/March

It’s easier if we just put the entire month’s filings for both KtP and SfT into pdf form and you can review below:

Here’s the Keep The Promise III filing:

The “Stand for Truth” PAC is more mysterious.  It’s essentially a bunch of insiders in Washington DC contributing, and the attorney for Mitch McConnell overseeing the expenditures.  All expenditures are ANTI-TRUMP:

The “Our Principles PAC” is also exclusively an anti-Trump super-PAC with every expenditure exclusively targeted to purchase and distribute: on-line, digital, print, radio and broadcast attack ads against candidate Donald Trump.

Note, the amount of money the Ricketts family has spent on negative attack ads against Donald Trump is gobsmacking.  In two months of filings the Ricketts sent over $5,000,000.00 just to this one PAC.

Dropping a note for researchers, after two months I finally figures out who SRG Media is – SEE HERE –  And worthy to note SRG is the company that runs Erick Erickson’s website “Resurgent“.

So that explains why Mitch McConnell is indirectly paying Erick Erickson for the hashtag #NeverTrump campaign, and the non-stop anti-Trump campaign waged by all of Erick’s contributors and writers.  Previously outlined HERE

Ok, now to finish up with what does it all mean part.  The bigger picture.

Some, myself included, have now looked back upon the two year history of Ted Cruz when he arrived in the Senate in January of 2013 – up to the time he announced he was running for POTUS in March 2015.

When you take a good look at everything newly known about Cruz, there’s a darn good reason to believe “constitutional Cruz” was a fabricated construct.

♦ Worked for George W. Bush.  ♦ Was John Boehner’s attorney.  ♦ Married a Bush alum. ♦ Wife connected to Council of Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs. ♦ Was Vice-Chair of NRSC when Thad Cochran re-elected ♦ Ran for Senate with sketchy financials.  ♦ Refuses to release his campaign loan information to FEC. â™¦ Hired Neil Bush.  ♦ Hired entire Bush financial team.  ♦ Played strategic hide/cover with TPA/TPP.  ♦ Supported the unconstitutional Corker/Cardin amendment. â™¦ Hired Phil Gramm as an advisor. ♦ and holds a political PAC of campaign donors that looks like this:

cruz-donors-2 McConnell's Attorney PAC ˜Stand For Truth', Sending Money To Cruz PAC ˜Keep The Promise III'¦

There’s a very reasonable case to be made that Ted Cruz’s opposition to ObamaCare was total phony bologna.  So too was the government shutdown etc.

He’s shouldn’t have read Green Eggs and Ham, he should have read…

…..Green Eggs and Scam

There’s a heck of a lot more evidence that Senator Ted Cruz was acting a part to build up a false appearance of being an “outsider”.   

The reality is, it looks like the junior Senator Ted Cruz has hoodwinked everyone.  He was always an “insider“.

After all, if he’s willing to send out an email like this with such a brutal and obvious lie:

cruz-lies-2 McConnell's Attorney PAC ˜Stand For Truth', Sending Money To Cruz PAC ˜Keep The Promise III'¦

Nuf said…