Megyn Kelly, Anti-Trump ˜Pundits’ Whine About Trump’s Media Coverage

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and Chris Stirewalt, on a panel with former TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch and Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro (both formerly of Breitbart News), mock cable news’ fascination with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s Thursday meeting.

From Mediaite:

Fox News host Megyn Kellymocked her competitors Thursday night, playing footage of MSNBC and CNN’s obsessive coverage of Donald Trump‘s trip to Washington D.C. for her panel to tear apart.

megynkellypundits_small Megyn Kelly, Anti-Trump ˜Pundits' Whine About Trump's Media Coverage

“The countdown on MSNBC, they had a countdown clock. Look, CNN with a shot of Trump’s plane!” Kelly said as producers cued up footage of CNN’s coverage. “Wolf Blitzer was walking us through the plane’s progress on the tarmac!… You would have thought it was the second coming.”

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