Megyn Kelly: Why Not Impeach Barack Obama? (Click to Watch)

 Mitch McConnell appeared with Megyn Kelly on Fox News this week to discuss the ongoing Supreme Court case regarding Obama’s unconstitutional recess appointments.

According to the Senate Minority Leader, Obama abused his executive power when he forced the Senate into recess so that he could unilaterally make appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. “I decide when you’re in recess,” the president said.

Kelly said that this was just “one example of many” power grabs by President Obama — and that impeachment should be on the table.

I want to ask you about this though, because this is one example of many we’ve been talking about in the news lately about presidential overreach,” Kelly said. “And the question is whether — beyond this case — what is perceived by some is presidential overreach really can be solved, in your view, by the courts?”

Well, the courts are not a quick remedy,” McConnell noted. “[The recess appointments were] done two years ago and we are just now finally before the Supreme Court, but the President, as you point out, Megyn, is routinely deciding which parts of various laws he wants to comply with.” He continued, “Look at Obamacare. If view is, if it’s sort of inconvenient, he can say ‘never mind.’ That’s not the way most of us read the statute.”

impeachthepresident_small Megyn Kelly: Why Not Impeach Barack Obama? (Click to Watch)

Bypassing Congress (Constitution.   Immigration is another example, McConnell said. “He’s also had a rather expansive view of what current immigration law is. It seems to me the president is busily at work trying to acquire power that he doesn’t have.

From Raw Story:

When McConnell didn’t bring up the issue of impeachment himself, Kelly rephrased her question.

“We’ve had lawyers, constitutional lawyers come on this show and say, OK, so when that happens, when you have a president who, in your view or the view of some, is out of control in terms of overreach, you as the lawmaker really have two meaningful options,” she said. “And the main one that has been used historically is, try to impeach him!”

“I mean, is that ever considered?” Kelly asked. “As opposed to running into the courts and trying to get them to do it?”

McConnell pointed out that defunding Obama’s legislation was a “less dramatic response,” but refused to directly address impeachment.

Well, dramatic violations of the Constitution requires a “dramatic response.”

This is so much more than a single issue, be it Obamacare, immigration, recess appointments, or otherwise; it is Obama blatantly signaling that he could not care less about what the Constitution requires. He does not care that the executive branch is supposed to be co-equal to the legislative and judicial branches. The tyrant-in-chief has an insatiable thirst for power, putting the preservation of liberty on the line.

There are plenty of reasons Obama deserves impeachment and the House would have enough votes to accomplish it — especially after the elections this year where Democrats are expected to recognizes this.

Impeachment would send a clear message to him that the American people don’t want a king. Help us spread the word by sharing this article.