Mike Huckabee Sure Looks Like He’s Running in 2016

 Huckabee is really considering a run for the presidency…

According to the interview below, Huckabee says that there are plenty of people asking him with ‘conviction’ to run for president:

mikehuckabee_small Mike Huckabee Sure Looks Like He's Running in 2016





One of the things Huckabee has going for him is name recognition, so he won’t have to overcome that hurdle. And if for some reason he became the nominee, something tells me that more conservatives would vote for him than they did Romney in 2012. Sure, some may stay home, but my guess is most wouldn’t find him as bad a choice as Romney.

But Huckabee is no Ted Cruz, Allen West, or Mike Pence. He’s not even a Rick Perry. So honestly I don’t see how he gets the nomination considering the potential we have for awesome candidates this time around.

I’ve said all I’ve had to say on the matter. To recap: I don’t see him as the “future” of the party. Yes, social cons will support him down the stretch and he’ll present himself well to voters if and when he runs, but his chances of winning are not good. I’d much rather see the new crop of conservative governors vying for the nomination. The talent pool in 2016 is impressive. And frankly, it’s hard to see how Huckabee convinces Republican primary voters he’s more deserving of the nomination than any of those other candidates presumably running.