Mike Pence: I’d prefer if ‘Dishonest Hillary’ didn’t associate herself with ‘Honest Abe’

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said he’d prefer if “Dishonest Hillary” didn’t associate herself with “Honest Abe” Lincoln, after Hillary Clinton tried to explain a seeming disconnect between private and public positions by invoking the 16th president’s name at Sunday’s debate.

“What you have with these Wikileaks releases of these emails is they’re pulling back the curtain on the fact that Hillary Clinton is different in private than she is in public,” Mr. Pence said in an interview for Fox News’ “Hannity” program Tuesday.

honestabepence_small Mike Pence: I’d prefer if ‘Dishonest Hillary’ didn’t associate herself with ‘Honest Abe’ Opinion

“In fact, she boasted about that, as you saw, in that one excerpt from a speech where she told some donor group that you have to have … different policies in public than you do in private,” Mr. Pence said.

“When she was challenged on that during her debate on Sunday night, she went into this long talk about Abraham Lincoln, but I got to tell you … as a member of the party of Lincoln, I’d prefer if Dishonest Hillary did not associate herself anymore with Honest Abe,” he said.

At Sunday’s debate, Mrs. Clinton was asked if it’s all right for politicians to be two-faced, and she said Mr. Lincoln had made different arguments to different people during the debate over abolishing slavery.

Mr. Pence also said the leaks reveal Mrs. Clinton might have released classified information about the takedown of Obama bin Laden.