˜Millennial Women Are Gonna Flock’ to Donald Trump

On Fox’s Outnumbered Wednesday, co-host Meghan McCain argued that “millennial women are gonna flock” to Donald Trump.

McCain added that young women were likely to support Trump “especially after all the things about Bill Clinton and his past are coming out.”

Bernie Sanders‘ persistence in the primary was also a factor, she said, since it indicated that Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate for being unable to clinch the primary “this late in the game.”

trumpwomensupport_small ˜Millennial Women Are Gonna Flock' to Donald Trump

Sanders’ “supporters are angry, they’re vitriolic, they want — they feel the election has been stolen from them. And I seriously see a lot of people online, a lot of young women especially, saying, ‘I’m gonna go to Trump, #NeverHillary,’” she said.

Just a few minutes earlier in the program, she admitted that she was “uncomfortable” with the fact that Trump had been gathering support from white nationalists, but said that Paul Ryan‘s pushback against Trump provided useful “cover” and served “to help people like me” come around to supporting the presumptive GOP nominee.