Missouri Moves to Uphold the Second Amendment

Michael Ware

For most of us, we have never lived in a world where the 2nd Amendment was the law of the land. We often talk about the 2nd Amendment. We talk about our right to bear arms, but, we have never actually had those rights.

I say that because of the way the Amendment reads. It says that the right to Have and Bear arms will not be infringed. So any law that disallows or hinders my ability to own or carry a weapon is an infringement and therefore is illegal.

Now Missouri is moving closer to abiding by that God-given right.

secondamendmentmi_small Missouri Moves to Uphold the Second Amendment Second Amendment

Fox reports

On New Year’s Day, Missouri will several other states that have eliminated the requirement for a concealed carry license.

Senate Bill 656 will go into effect, allowing people to carry concealed guns in public without a permit. There are exceptions, such as felons and domestic violence abusers.

In Missouri, getting a concealed carry license requires people to pass a firearms training class and go to the sheriff’s department where they run a background check and then issue the license. Those requirements go away in just a few days.

Now, of course, there are those who think that this will make crime more prevalent. That the lack of a need for a concealed/carry permit will embolden criminals. This is not the truth. In fact, gun violence has been shown to go down when more people are expected to be armed.

But even further than this, we need to recognize that the government’s job is not to prevent crime but to punish crime. This is why there should be no gun laws and stricter punishment for those who commit a crime.

But, this is not the way the left thinks. It is not the criminal’s fault that he shot up his girlfriend and her family; it is the gun’s fault.

The problem is that inanimate objects cannot be a fault; only people can.