Modern Slavery in the United States


chains-of-slavery Modern Slavery in the United States  The neo-cons continue to push to take the food from the poor to replace the monies destined to be cut from the defense budget. Their ongoing mantra is 46% of we the people pay no taxes while 47% receive some subsidy from the government.

Let’s just look at that. The majority of the 46% not paying taxes are those who have retired and are living on Social Security and Medicare. These people paid taxes over a lifetime. And the majority will not get back even a percentage of what they paid in just to Social Security.

The rest of that 46% consist of the working poor and disabled who make so little that not even the Zionists in the past have suggested that they pay federal taxes, as it would be literally taking the food out of their children’s mouths, not to mention that they still must pay withholdings, hence Social Security and Medicare.
The neo-cons say that the majority of us out here just do not want to be responsible for ourselves, but let’s look at the reality. If a person truly does not want anything from the government and wants to live completely independent and free there from, how would this be accomplished?

Let’s look at something basic. An individual and maybe his family moves to a roadless area, cuts out a piece of land, builds a log cabin, clears a few fields, plants crops, raises some stock, and does finally reach the point to where he and his family are completely self sufficient. It doesn’t sound that complicated and in reality it shouldn’t be.

But then how does he gain possession of any land? How does he procure the tools to work the land, the seed for the crops, or the stock? Let’s make a leap. Let’s just say this person was left an inheritance sufficient to set him up in a self-sustaining operation and he does indeed accomplish it.

But wait a minute. Here come those land taxes, money he will pay for something he does not want and will not be receiving. And if he is using any of his crops for barter to get luxury items, or worse yet if he is out and out selling his crops to buy the little extras, well he better have that business license. And he is going to pay income taxes and withholding taxes, in fact double withholding taxes because he is his own employer. If he fails to pay he will have his land and everything else he has built taken away. Remember, he has gone to a roadless area and isn’t asking for one damn thing from the government.

This whole argument of the 46% that don’t pay taxes is rubbish. Everyone who works pays taxes, whether they be withholding, sales tax, gas tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, and if the elite have their way, sugar, fat, and carbon tax.

These are not taxes; this is a subjugated people’s tribute being paid to those who are subjugating them.

When they first began these unconstitutional income taxes, land taxes, and socialist withholding taxes, they had to give a little back or the people would have refused. Now they have manipulated themselves into positions of power and created a system wherein the tax will be revealed for what it has always been – a work tribute we pay to Zion to be allowed to live. And before it is over our lives will be reduced to extracting our natural resources and loading them on ships for the elite to haul away. For this we will be allowed so many years of life until our production value no longer warrants us being left alive. That is if we allow it.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.