Moving Toward Complete World Peace

By: WTurner,

 Watch any news program, and it is likely that you will hear news reports about ongoing conflict throughout the world. The news media never seems to want to address the decrease in conflicts over the years. Instead, the media focuses on a country’s search for terrorist groups and use of armed conflict to attempt to find such groups. The reality is that now there are only one-third of the major armed conflicts throughout the world that there were in 1988. A major conflict is defined as one in which there are over 1,000 deaths in a year.

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If society aims to progress and achieve greater world peace, then there needs to be more discussion about peace. Those countries that have a consistent record of being war-free zones must be discussed in the media. In addition, the media must also reshape the way it frames war-time issues. Instead of discussing ongoing conflict, the media should interview experts about ways to achieve peace and maintain a solutions-oriented paradigm. The current paradigm in the media seems to perpetuate conflict.

ggs_small Moving Toward Complete World Peace

Statistics reveal that fewer people die in wars that are carried on throughout the world today. In the 1950s, the average number of people who died in a conflict was about 10,000. Today, fewer than 1,000 people die in conflicts every year. War conflicts are often started by extremist groups in countries. Encouraging less extremism is another way in which society can continue on the track to complete world peace.

The motivating factor for peace throughout the world is money. Those individuals who believe in peace and funding operations that create peace throughout the world. State governments also have additional access to capital for political and economic resources. This prevents state governments from entering into conflict with one another to obtain resources. A country does not need to go to war if it already has access to resources within its own country.

World peace will be here faster than society may realize. Democracies rarely fight wars against one another. As wealthy individuals contribute more funds to organizations centered on obtaining peaceful solutions, it is likely that complete world peace will be achieved.