Muslims Think Allah Sent An Angel From The Sky, They Couldn’t Be More Wrong

Signey Traylor,

Who knows if this is real or a prank? Doesn’t matter. It’s funny to some, and for the rest of us it is some of that news of the weird that deep down we love.

So, over in Indonesia, in a place reported to be “Kalupapi beach, Banggagi by Pardi,” a couple of fishermen found an “angel child.”

“They found the girl crying, not wearing anything but a white scarf wrapped around her body,” said fellow fisherman, Rano. “Now, she’s home with residents, loving(ly) cloaked and wearing a veil.”

Wow. How nice of them. To find a lost naked little girl on the beach and get her to a safe place all dressed up in a hijab is really going the extra mile.

The fishermen believed the angel to be a blessing bestowed by Allah. Creepily, it stands to reason that Allah would leave a naked little girl on a beach somewhere if given the chance, but we won’t go there.

The rescue incident was investigated by local authorities. “So it has been checked by a member—it is an inflatable sex toy,” relayed Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Heru Pramukarno, to the AFP.

Not exactly sure how the thing was “crying,” but okaaaaaayyy.

Doll. Naked child. Sex toy. Allah. Third-world.

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