Nasrallah: We'll sacrifice our blood for Mohammed

In rare public appearance, Hezbollah chief tells tens of thousands in Beirut that release of whole anti-Islam film ‘will have very grave consequences around the world’

Hezbollah‘s leader left his bunker and made a rare public appearance at a rally in Beirut denouncing an anti-Islam film that has provoked a week of unrest in Muslim countries worldwide.

Hassan Nasrallah does not usually appear in public for fear of assassination. He called for Monday’s protests in Beirut, saying the US must be held accountable for the film because it was produced in America.

Nasrallah during Beirut rally

Speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands of supporters, he said “God’s prophet, we will sacrifice ourselves, our blood, our families and our money for your honor.

“The world needs to understand our links to God’s prophet … It did not understand the level of the insult that God’s prophet was subjected to through some of the clips of this insulting film,” said Nasrallah, who has been living in hiding since Hezbollah’s month-long war with Israel in 2006.

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Nasrallah urged governments across the world to censor websites featuring clips from the amateurish film, produced in California, and urged Muslims to ban those sites.

“America, which uses the pretext of freedom of expression … needs to understand that putting out the whole film will have very grave consequences around the world,” the leader of the Shiite group warned.

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