National sheriff’s cheer Trump, ˜my support will never, ever waiver’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received a huge cheer from America’s sheriffs this week, especially when he told them “my support for you will never ever waiver.”

Trump called into a National Sheriffs’ Association annual conference in Minnesota where he promised to stand behind law enforcement no matter what and pledged to push for the death penalty for anybody who kills a police officer.

“Hello everybody, great to be with you,” he said to cheers via Skype late Monday.

He noted that sometimes police get in trouble, but he said it’s “unfair” for the media to focus on those incidents while not giving cops credit for keeping people safe.

trumpsupportssheriffs_small National sheriff's cheer Trump, ˜my support will never, ever waiver'

“You don’t get recognized properly the way you should be recognized. You do a phenomenal job. You keep us all safe,” said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

He added that in meetings with voters around the country, there is support for law enforcement.

“We have great admiration and respect for you and I just want to thank you for doing an incredible job. Believe me, the country is behind you,” said Trump in a video posted on Facebook.

“The country, the people, which are the people that count, they are behind us, they are behind you, they are behind me,” he added.