Navy SEAL Rips Obama¦ Drops Koran on Ground – VIDEO

 Islam is one of the most destructive forces in the history of civilization. It uses the power of religion to control, oppress, and enslave millions of people around the globe. It’s the leading cause of sexual assault, abuse of women, religious intolerance, and the violation of human rights. This is part of the reason NC recently banned Sharia law.

Unfortunately, we live in a “politically correct” society where people aren’t “allowed” to stand up and point out what should be obvious about Islam. That’s one reason Islamic forces seem to be picking up speed — few people are willing to do the socially unacceptable thing and challenge it.

islam3 Navy SEAL Rips Obama¦ Drops Koran on Ground - VIDEO

Thankfully, this seems to be changing. Just recently, Rev. Franklin Graham — the son of Billy Graham — took on sharia law and Islam. Now, it looks like a Navy SEAL did the same thing at a political conference, according to a video now going viral.

Watch here:

UPDATE: We fixed the link above.

Here’s one of the more powerful quotes:

“They are intent on killing the American dream by giving it away, surrendering it, by funding the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Spring…”

Regardless of their reasoning, this is happening. Obama turns a blind eye to the oppression of Christians around the world, and yet dumps weapons on the Muslim Brotherhood and the allies of Al Qaeda. If it’s politically incorrect to point this out, then it’s time to be politically incorrect.

Click here to see 40 crazy things Obama has said about Islam and Christianity… this shows us what’s at stake.

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