Neocon J-Pod Says Trump ˜Going To Be The Nominee’

Patrick Howley, Breitbart

Neoconservative figure and “Commentary” editor John Podhoretz admitted Sunday that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president.

“It’s not over yet, John” insisted Roger Kimball in the comments section to Podhoretz’s post.

“Oh yes it is” Podhoretz replied.

trumptobenominee Neocon J-Pod Says Trump ˜Going To Be The Nominee'

“I’d rather die,” Podhoretz said when asked if he would do an interview with Breitbart News about Trump’s apparent inevitability. “Don’t work there,” Podhoretz advised this reporter on Facebook, referring to Breitbart News. “You want to be treated without contempt? Work somewhere else.”

Podhoretz is the son of neoconservative icon Norman Podhoretz, and he writes op-eds for “The New York Post.”

trumptrump Neocon J-Pod Says Trump ˜Going To Be The Nominee'

Many neoconservatives have fought to little avail to prevent a Donald Trump nomination. “Weekly Standard” editor Bill Kristol recently tried and failed to get retired Marine Corps general James Mattis to run third party against Trump and Hillary Clinton. The Republican National Committee has condemned Kristol’s third-party plot as “helping to elect Hillary Clinton.”

In general, neoconservatives are economic conservatives and social liberals who say the U.S. should maintain an assertive foreign policy, including interventions in foreign wars.

Trump is currently leading the polls in Indiana, where the primary Tuesday might finally decide the outcome of his race against Sen. Ted Cruz and John Kasich.