New Fox Poll of California voters ‘devastating for Cruz’

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that new Fox News poll numbers in California are “devastating for Cruz.”

The New Fox News poll shows Republican Donald Trump holding a big lead in California. Trump captures 49 percent of likely Republican primary voters.  That’s more than the combined support for his two remaining competitors. Ted Cruz receives 22 percent and John Kasich 20 percent.

“That is a New York massacre,” Krauthammer said. “So if that happens – and let’s assume that Indiana and California end up where the polls are – then I don’t see how Cruz has a claim.”

ted_cruz7_small New Fox Poll of California voters 'devastating for Cruz'

With Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in New York killing off Ted Cruz’s chances of being able to attain a 1,237 majority of delegates before July’s GOP convention, the Texas senator is casting his hopes on a contested convention – where most delegates will be “unbound” by the second ballot and able to vote as they choose.

But there are risks to that strategy.

Even if Cruz is able to force a contested convention by keeping Trump from reaching the magic 1,237 number, he is counting on delegates both having the strength to vote to reject Trump in the face of significant pressure from the campaign and Trump supporters, and then moving to Cruz after they are unbound.

While the strategy seems to have its merits, the question of whether delegates will back him could be complicated by recent threats made to both GOP party officials and delegates themselves, allegedly by Trump supporters.

Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House received death threats after the state’s convention, in which Cruz locked up the support of most of the delegates. House said that he received thousands of angry calls from Trump supporters, with some threatening his family, angry about the way the delegates are selected. He has referred the matter to the police.