Newt Gingrich Bashes Anti-Trumpers

Kathryn Blackhurst,

 Former House speaker criticizes ’emotion’ and ‘hysteria’ of #NeverTrumpers

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighed in on the #NeverTrump social media phenomenon Friday, saying that Donald Trump’s naysayers are failing to stop his momentum because they refuse to “debate” the issues.

During an interview on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Gingrich claimed that the facts of many of the major issues Americans face are on Trump’s side. But rather than debate the “big issues,” the NeverTrump community chooses instead to complain and indulge in personal attacks against Trump.

gingrichspeaker_small-2 Newt Gingrich Bashes Anti-Trumpers

“I think we may be at the edge of a revolution where common sense replaces correctness, and that will have a stunning ripple effect through the entire society,” Gingrich said. He added, “What’s really stunning is that the facts are pretty consistently on Trump’s side, and the emotion and hysteria are on the anti-Trump side.”

Ingraham also touched on the rumors surrounding whether or not Gingrich could be a possible vice presidential pick for Trump, asking the former speaker if he would accept it or turn it down.

“What [my wife] and I have said is that we would both be prepared to sit down and talk about it, but we’re not prepared to automatically jump into it,” Gingrich responded, adding that he would want to discuss with Trump what he expects of a vice president.

“If it entails a serious partnership in the way that Cheney had a relationship with George W. Bush, then you have to say yes,” Gingrich said. “If it involves being patted on the head and sent off to funerals, then maybe not.”