NY Police Shoot Innocent Bystanders

Two Women were Shot in New York City’s Times Square Saturday Night. Police Blame Actions on Confrontation with Disturbed Man


NEW YORK — Two women were shot in New York City’s Times Square Saturday night, after police confronted a reportedly disturbed man, who gestured with his hand implying he was armed, according to police. The 35-year-old man pretended to point a gun at officers, according to the report offered by police at the scene.

According to the article by usnews.nbcnews.com, and reported by police to NBC’s affiliate WNBC, “The male was blocking traffic and appeared to be attempting to be struck by vehicles when the officer attempted to take him into custody. The male eluded the officer, and when additional officers responded to the scene, the male put his hand in his pocket and then took it out, simulating that he was shooting at the officers. The male was taken into custody after being struck by a Taser fired by a sergeant who responded to the scene.”

Victims of the shooting did not sustained life threatening injuries. One woman who is 35 was grazed and the second women, 54, was hit in the knee. The incident occurred at the famous crossing, known as 8th Avenue and West 42nd Street, shortly after 10 pm on Saturday, September 14, 2013. [1][2]

Video of the incident was immediately posted on YouTube. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly may give a briefing from Bellevue Hospital. No mention of an investigation into the incident was made by police officials. According to CNN, “It’s the second high-profile case in about a year in which NYPD officers have shot bystanders after opening fire in a busy public space. Police wounded nine pedestrians outside the Empire State Building during an August 2012 gun battle with a man who had just killed a former co-worker. Officers also killed the gunman.” [3] 


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