Director Of The CIA Admitted To The Select Committee On Intelligence That Despite The Obama Administration’s Efforts To Combat ISIL, It Has Not Reduced The Terror Groups Capability To Carry Out Attacks. CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN: “Unfortunately despite all of our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach. The resources needed for terrorism are very modest. And the group would have to suffer even heavier losses on territory man power, and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly. Moreover the group’s foreign branches and global networks can help preserve its capacity for terrorism regardless of events in Iraq and Syria. In fact as the pressure mounts on ISIL we judge that it will intensify its total global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda.” (John Brennan,Select Committee On Intelligence, 06/16/16)

CIA Director John Brennan Told Members Of The Select Committee On Intelligence That The U.S. Has Not Reduced ISIS’ Global Reach. “’Unfortunately, despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach,’ CIA Director John Brennan testified to Congress using another acronym for the group.” (CIA Director Grave Warning: ISIS Dangerous As Ever,”CNN, 06/16/16)

  • The CIA Director Warned Congress That ISIS’ Global Terror Campaign Will Expand As Pressure Intensifies On Their Territory In Iraq And Syria. “As the pressure mounts on ISIL, we judge that it will intensify its global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda.” (CIA Director Grave Warning: ISIS Dangerous As Ever,”CNN, 06/16/16)


In July 2015, Iran And A Group Of Six Nations Led By The U.S. Reached A Deal To Limit Iran’s Nuclear Program In Exchange For The Lifting Of Sanctions. “Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States reached a historic accord on Tuesday to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions.” (Michael Gordon and David Sanger, “Deal Reached On Iran Nuclear Program; Limits On Fuel Would Lessen With Time,”The New York Times, 7/14/15)

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Headline: “Tehran’s Nuclear Triumph” (Editorial, “Tehran’s Nuclear Triumph,”The Wall Street Journal, 7/14/15)

  • “Instead Of Eliminating A Revolutionary Regime’s Nuclear Ambitions, The Vienna Accord Promises To Usher In A New Age Of Nuclear Proliferation.”(Editorial, “Tehran’s Nuclear Triumph,”The Wall Street Journal, 7/14/15)

The Washington Post Editorial: The Iran Nuclear Deal Framework Falls “Well Short” Of The Goals Set By The Obama Administration. “The ‘key parameters’ for an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program released Thursday fall well short of the goals originally set by the Obama administration. None of Iran’s nuclear facilities — including the Fordow center buried under a mountain — will be closed. Not one of the country’s 19,000 centrifuges will be dismantled. Tehran’s existing stockpile of enriched uranium will be ‘reduced’ but not necessarily shipped out of the country. In effect, Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will remain intact, though some of it will be mothballed for 10 years. When the accord lapses, the Islamic republic will instantly become a threshold nuclear state.” (Editorial, “Obama’s Iran Deal Falls Far Short Of His Own Goals,”The Washington Post, 4/2/15)


“[F]rom Iraq To Syria And Beyond, Radical Offshoots Of Al-Qaeda Are Expanding Their Ambitions And Directly Threatening American National Security Interests.”“The takeover of the Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday illustrated an increasingly disconcerting reality for the United States: From Iraq to Syria and beyond, radical offshoots of al-Qaeda are expanding their ambitions and directly threatening American national security interests.”(Anne Gearan and Dan Lamothe, “From Iraq To Syria, Splinter Groups Now Larger Worry Than Al-Qaeda,”The Washington Post, 6/10/14)

2016 Report Shows Syrian Conflict Death Toll Rose To 470,000 People. The report from the Syrian Center for Policy Research said that at least 470,000 Syrians had died as a result of the war, almost twice the 250,000 counted a year and a half ago by the United Nations until it stopped counting because of a lack of confidence in the data. Life expectancy has dropped 14 years, to 56 from 70, since the war began, with an even deeper plunge for Syrian men, says the report, which the group compiled from its longtime base in the capital, Damascus. It put the war’s economic cost at $255 billion, essentially wiping out the nation’s wealth. (Anne Barnard, “Death Toll From Now 470,000, Group Finds,”The New York Times, 2/11/16)



In The Years Following Clinton’s Revolution, Libya Found Itself “In A Worse Situation Than It Was Under Gadhafi.” “This government wants to make its case to the world and project Libya as a safe place — but the country doesn’t feel safe, correspondent Leila Fadel tells NPR’s Scott Simon… In fact, the country is in a worse situation than it was under Gadhafi, Fadel says. Militias, divided by region, by ideology, by tribe, now divide Libya, controlling what are essentially a series of city-states.”(“Four Years After Revolution, Libya Slides Into Chaos,”NPR, 1/31/15)

  • Libya Is Now “A Country Torn Apart.” “There was hope in Libya and around the world for Libya after Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown four years ago. But today, Libya is a country torn apart. There are now two competing governments, in different cities with their own parliaments and their own military.” (“Four Years After Revolution, Libya Slides Into Chaos,”NPR, 1/31/15)
  • “Very Few Diplomatic Missions Still Operate In Tripoli, The U.S. Presence Is Gone And The City Has No Centralized Security Force.”(“Four Years After Revolution, Libya Slides Into Chaos,”NPR, 1/31/15)

ISIS Has Doubled Its Presence To 6,000 Fighters In The Last Year According To The Pentagon. “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has doubled its presence inside Libya in the last year, the top U.S. military commander overseeing operations in the region said Thursday. The number of ISIS fighters in Libya doubled to between 4,000 to 6,000 in the last 12 to 18 months, Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez said at a Pentagon briefing.” (Kristina Wong, “Top General: ISIS Doubled Number Of Fighters In Libya,”The Hill, 4/7/16)


President Obama Had To Provide Over A Billion Dollars In Military Aid To Repair Damage Done To U.S.-Egypt Relations During Secretary Clinton’s Tenure. “Seeking to repair relations with a longtime ally at a time of spreading war in the Middle East, President Obama on Tuesday lifted an arms freeze against Egypt that he had first imposed after the military overthrow of the country’s democratically elected government nearly two years ago. Mr. Obama cleared the way for the delivery of F-16 aircraft, Harpoon missiles and M1A1 Abrams tanks, weapons prized by Egyptian leaders, who have smoldered at the suspension. In a telephone call, Mr. Obama assured President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt that he would support the full $1.3 billion in annual military assistance the Cairo government traditionally receives, even as others seek to cut it, the White House said.” (Peter Baker, “Obama Removes Weapons Freeze Against Egypt,”The Washington Post, 3/31/15)

Some Believe That The Arab Spring Has Resulted In A Police State In Egypt. Egypt is polarised between supporters of the interim government and the military on the one-hand, and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and those who fear the authorities have become too repressive on the other. Some analysts say Egypt has returned to the kind of police state which the revolution aimed to remove. (“Arab Uprising: Country By Country – Egypt,”The British Broadcasting Corporation)

As A Result Of The Arab Spring, Thousands Have Been Put In Jail By Egypt’s Current Regime. “But over the past two years little has changed in these areas. Since Mr Morsi’s ousting, the authorities have cracked down heavily on his supporters, as well as on secular political activists. Thousands have been put behind bars and hundreds have been sentenced to death. The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist group by the Egyptian judiciary.” (Sally Nabil, “Why U.S.-Egyptian Ties Are Warming,” The British Broadcasting Corporation,