Obama escapes Washington, where bad news keeps piling up

WASHINGTON — President Obama has fled the White House for the peace and serenity of the beaches and golf links of Martha’s Vineyard, leaving behind a mess of polls with failure written all over them.

 Obama escapes Washington, where bad news keeps piling up

Black unemployment is 12.6 percent and Hispanic unemployment is nearly 10 percent. Obama doesn’t talk about this, which may be why he doesn’t vacation in his home state of Illinois, where more than 9 percent are out of work.

Throw in higher rents across the country, an average of $3.60 for a gallon of regular gas, a declining stock market that’s shrinking worker retirement funds, and one can understand why Americans aren’t happy with this president.

The war on terrorism isn’t going so well, either. Indeed, Obama dropped President Bush’s declared “war on terror” when he became president, hoping to reach out and make nice with the Muslim world.

When that didn’t work in his first four years, he ran for re-election insisting that al-Qaida was “on the run” and that its terrorist ranks had been decimated. But events over the past year tell a far different story.

Al-Qaida has expanded its reach throughout the Middle East and across North Africa, and stepped up its presence and a much more lethal offensive in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead of being “decimated,” as we were told, al-Qaida leaders have been lobbing threats of attacks against the United States, forcing the White House to shut down nearly 20 embassies abroad and putting us on a higher alert here at home.

But the growing terrorist threat under Obama’s policies of retreat and retrenchment doesn’t stop there. In its lead story Tuesday, The Washington Post ran this headline: “Al-Qaida’s Iraq affiliate expands presence in Syria.” A subhead states that al-Qaida is “gaining regional dimensions”

“A rebranded version of Iraq’s al-Qaida affiliate is surging onto the front lines of the war in neighboring Syria, expanding into territory seized by other rebel groups and carving out the kind of sanctuaries that the U.S. military spent more than a decade fighting to prevent in Iraq and Afghanistan,” the Post reported.

The widening terrorist insurgency, now calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq, “has been bolstered by an influx of thousands of foreign fighters from the region and beyond,” the Post said.

Does this sound like al-Qaida is, as Obama boasted, “on the run”?