Obama is Busy Fundraising for Nancy Pelosi

Over the next several weeks President Obama will be working hard…working hard to get Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s seat. Well let’s be fair, he will be campaigning for Mrs. Pelosi along with three Democratic Party committees, the DNC, DCCC, and DSCC.

24a38163-53b1-46cf-9386-e88981459876 Obama is Busy Fundraising for Nancy Pelosi

President Obama will be fitting in at least 9 fundraisers in the next month. The trip started here in Washington this past Thursday evening at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum. The small group of 30 contributors paid over $30,000 each to attend the fundraiser. Friday he was in New York to be the headliner at events for both the DNC and the DCCC.

Then on Oct. 30, Obama is set to headline a DCCC fundraiser in Weston, Mass., at the home of Susan and Alan Solomont, the former U.S. ambassador to Spain. Tickets for the event run as high as $64,800 a couple, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by The Post. At that level, donors can attend a VIP-hosted reception, get their photo taken with the president and get a seat at the dinner.

In November, the president is scheduled to hit Miami, Philadelphia Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Well it looks like at least President Obama can keep one promise. He pledged earlier this year to intensively raise money for the party committees, which didn’t get very much of his attention during the 2012 election. With only 5 events under his belt so far this year, he has not followed through on his promise of 14 events. I guess this is why we are going to see him at 9 events over the next month!!

Well I guess he will just have to blame the shutdown, he has already done that for everything else. With everyone back in Washington now, the President has time to go off to every corner of the country to try and bring in the big bucks!