Obama Protects WW2 Memorial From Vets More Than He Protected Americans from Benghazi

Veterans defy Obama and continue breaking down WWII memorial barricades

In what is seemingly the worst PR move ever for Obama and his administration, the president has still persisted in attempting to keep vets from visiting their memorial by threatening them with arrest.

vets_small Obama Protects WW2 Memorial From Vets More Than He Protected Americans from Benghazi

Social media posts have accused Obama of ‘protecting’ the vets from the WWII memorial more than he protected Americans from Benghazi. The Benghazi attack left four dead, including US Ambassador Christoper Stevens. Infowars has since exposed the attack as a coverup by a “State Department hired jihadist security outfit in connection with an arms transfer to al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria.”

One of the most clever comparisons was made in the tweet below:

It seems the Obama Administration is doing more to “protect” the WWII memorial from Vets than it did to protect Americans in

Yesterday, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, helped distract park police while military veterans pushed past the barricades to the WWII Memorial and knocked down fences allowing them to enter.

The National Mall and its memorials were closed after the government shutdown forced staff to be furloughed, however Obama found it necessary to employ National Park Service police to keep people out, including veterans who risked their lives in WWII and rightfully earned the memorial.

The veterans cheered once inside, many emotional and breaking down into tears. The majority of the veterans are in their 90s, and it may very well be their last chance to see the memorial that they fought so desperately to win.

The veterans were touring the memorial on the National Mall as part of the Honor Flight program, which covers all expenses for vets to travel from around the country to visit the memorial. More than 900 veterans are expected to arrive during the next five days to visit the National Mall, which has been closed due to the governments’ inability to reach an agreement on Obamacare.

The attack on the veterans via the threat of arrest was reportedly ordered directly by Obama and supported by the Democrats. Outraged Americans took to social media to vent their anger.

see more tweets:

Twitter flooded with tweets from Americans who supported the veterans “I won’t take no for an answer” attitude.