Obama Says GOP Out to Hurt the Sick


President Obama has showed again why he is the most divisive president in history.

Speaking to reporters about his Obamacare plan and Republican efforts to derail it, Obama said the one “unifying principle”  of conservatives was to keep 30 million people from getting health care, hurting the elderly and eliminating care for the ill.

impeachobama_small Obama Says GOP Out to Hurt the Sick

He said conservatives had made “preventing these people from getting health care their Holy Grail.”

According to Obama, his runaway monster of a law is already helping millions of people by keeping young adults in their twenties dependent on their parents’ plans, giving people rebates, providing discounted drugs for seniors and, bizarrely, somehow curing a cancer patient Obama discussed.

He pooh-poohed his law’s problems as “glitches” comparable to the introduction of a new Apple iPad.

You have to wonder if Obama really knows what’s going on around him.

Either he’s aware of the disaster that his law will bring down on this country and he’s lying about it, or he really is just surrounding by suck-ups and yes men who have successfully kept him in the dark.

Either way, he is bent on punishing this country that he sees as one of those imperialist powers his family and mentors taught him to hate so much.

Obamacare will do nothing to address the real problems with the health care system, and it will compound them, decreasing the quality of care while increasing its costs.

The only people on a quest to hurt the sick and elderly are the president and his henchmen.

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