Obama: Student Debt Good for Economy

Trey Sanchez, TruthRevolt.org

 That would explain his attitude toward the national debt.

In a new report released by the White House, the Obama administration is declaring student loan debt a really good thing for the economy.

The report, Investing in Higher Education: Benefits, Challenges, and the State of Student Debt, claims that the crushing $1.3 trillion America’s students are carrying around on their backs has actually helped them along the path to success:

Federal student loan programs help expand access to high-quality education, which has long-lasting benefits to individuals as well as the overall macro-economy through higher labor productivity and faster GDP growth.

wallettight_small Obama: Student Debt Good for Economy

Additional student debt, as an investment in education, is associated with additional income, putting many households in a better position to buy homes or start businesses. By age 26, households with student debt are more likely to buy a house than those that did not attend college. By age 34, college attendees with and without student debt are equally likely to buy a home, and both much more likely than those without a college education.

This appears to be on par with the thinking behind the trillions of dollars amassed by this administration in national debt. Yay, then?

The White House’s rose-colored glasses are missing the forest for the trees. The fact is, millennials are living at home much longer, getting married later, and struggling to find gainful employment, especially among blacks and Hispanics. There is no economic report anywhere that will tell you that debt is good for anyone.

But thus sayeth Obama. It’s all good in his hood.

H/T College Insurrection