Obama tries to blow off his newest scandal: the VA outrage

It’s shocking to learn that the President who booted World War II vets out of their own memorial during Shutdown Theater would have a blase attitude about the outrage at VA clinics.  Confronted with reports of veterans left to languish on secret lists until they died, Barack Obama yawned and assigned a White House aide to look into it.  The obviously overwhelmed Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, staggered in front of a Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to read some talking points and claim he was “mad as hell,” while cries for his resignation fell upon the President’s numb ears.  That’s not how it works in ObamaLand, my friends.  Nobody gets fired.  Ever.  (As is typical of Obama scandals, a few faceless bureaucrats have been placed on temporary “administrative leave” by Shinseki.)

Obama’s not even putting much effort into looking “outraged” by the story, the way he pretended to be outraged for a couple of days when the IRS scandal exploded.  He seems, if anything, mildly annoyed by yet another unpleasant story to be papered over.  The President, who found time to personally weigh in on L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s wiretapped phone conversations, dispatched his flack Jay Carney to inform the media he currently “concerned and angry about the allegations,” and if the secret waiting list story proves true, Obama’s emotional state might deteriorate to outrage.  (Newsflash: there’s not much doubt that the secret waiting list stuff is true.)

va-Copy_small Obama tries to blow off his newest scandal: the VA outrage