Obama Wants to Free Gitmo Terrorist Who Vowed to Kill American “Men, Women and Babies”

Daniel Greenfield,

Obama came into office determined to free Islamic terrorists from Gitmo. It did not matter how many Americans his actions would kill. And as the end of his time in power nears, he is determined to free as many as he can.

One of these detainees, Mohammed al Ansi, has spent 15 years in Gitmo. 

US military officials claim he ‘received specialized close combat training for his role as a suicide operative in an aborted component of the 11 September 2001 al-Qaida attacks.’ 

The attack, which was later cancelled by al Qaeda because of difficulties with coordinating timing, was supposed to include the hijacking of a plane in Southeast Asia with the intent of crashing it into a US military base.

One of the other recommended transfers, Bostan Karim, is accused of running al Qaeda’s improvised explosive devices (IED) operations in Khowst, Afghanistan, which targeted US soldiers.

ObamaPublic-Service-Medal_small Obama Wants to Free Gitmo Terrorist Who Vowed to Kill American "Men, Women and Babies" Terrorism

Some of the recommended transfers have also vowed to return to jihad if they are ever released, according to reports from US military officials.

They have also threatened to assassinate the U.S. president, kill American citizens, and attack other world leaders who are allied with the West.

Muieen Abdal Sattar, an accused al Qaeda member who fought in Tora Bora, has been at Guantanamo for 14 years and 11 months. While there he has ‘incited mass disturbances, assaulted and threatened to kill [Gitmo] personnel and made motivational speeches to ‘fight against infidels’ and to kill all Americans to include men, women, children, and babies,’ according to US military officials.

It is important to remember that Obama fired his previous Secretary of Defense and berated his current one for not rushing through the release of dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists. But Obama continues to put Islamic terrorists first and Americans last.