Obamacare: A Fascist Step Towards a Socialist Idea

Sure, “fascism” gets thrown about often, but usually just as an insult against conservatives. Never-mind that fascism has very little in common with right-wing ideologies and plenty in common with left-wing ones.

But there is rarely ever any real conversation about what fascism (as an economic system) is and where it applies in American society. It would seem that Obamacare is the perfect example of a fascist policy. Look at the capitalist, Socialist, and Fascist approaches to healthcare:

Capitalist Free Market Health Industry – This is what conservatives want. A system of choices and options that limits the heavy (and costly) hand of government and gives consumers choices and buying power. The pre-Obamacare health industry was not a good example of this given the already anti-market regulations of the government.

obamacare-cartoon_small Obamacare: A Fascist Step Towards a Socialist Idea

Socialist Health Industry – Ultimately this is what liberals seek. As President Obama has noted, single-payer is the goal and Obamacare is just the first step towards that goal. This is undoubtedly a socialist goal. But this is not what Obamacare currently is, given that private insurers and private health professionals are still in existence.

Fascist Health Industry – What is economic fascism? A deeper definition is here, but it is essentially where the industry is privately-owned but controlled in nearly every facet by a centralized authoritarian government. What better defines Obamacare? There are private insurers, but they are being told what plans they can offer, who they can offer them to, and what specific items people must buy or must be covered for. Individuals are forced to participate in the national program that is dictated by the federal government and somewhat “owned” by private individuals. And like with economic fascism, those who will do best in the private industry are likely those that decide to play along with the totalitarian regime… err, federal government. Pharmaceutical companies have been mostly silent. Want to guess why?

The term fascist is rarely discussed in a serious manner. It’s usually just something not ironically screamed at right-wingers. (Not ironic because it’s a favorite term of occupiers and rioters, but the act of occupying and rioting for social reasons is a key tenet of fascism, too.) But what other law more fits the category than Obamacare?