Obamacare already trying to be Pushed through at the Workplace, Yet No One Wants It

As Obama recently finished his dictatorial orders on the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, I was given this piece of paper today by my supervisor at work. He stated that it was required by law that every company makes sure that all employees signed a statement saying that they received a copy of this to show what healthcare options we had and that these are what the company can offer us. (Sounds like Mommy government spoon-feeding me)

tits_small Obamacare already trying to be Pushed through at the Workplace, Yet No One Wants It

Requiring me to sign a statement saying that I have received a copy? What’s next? The government telling companies to make me sign a statement to make sure I received a copy on appropriate work attire aka dress code and what my options are? Seriously?  

Anyways, I looked at my supervisor and said, “So the bastard (Obama) is really enforcing his shit on us, isn’t he?”.

My supervisor just looked at me and said, “I’m not going to say anything, but if it helps, I do share a very similar argument as the one you are making on it.”

I grumbled and took the paper only to crumble it and throw it on my desk in disgust which is why the scan of it below looks wrinkled.

The five other employees who were asked by my supervisor to come to his desk after me to sign it ALL shared similar arguments. When they all saw the paper they immediately said, “If this is asking for me to sign on to Obamacare then I refuse.”

Even one brown-noser who likes to suck up to the supervisor that usually goes along with anything the company asks her to do and is somewhat of a sheeple actually said, “Ok, I don’t normally complain or like to talk about politics, but I know this is not good for me or for my family and I refuse to sign anything that forces me to have Affordable Care. So if that is forcing me to have it, I don’t want it. I’m not going to sign. Too many people have even told me it was bad and I’m not going to do it.”

My supervisor assured us that this is just a document that is required by law for us to sign stating that we have received a copy. Nothing more.

What I see is the Communist ploy of slowly pushing it on us by chipping away at it, piece by piece, little by little until we finally give in and accept it.

First it starts with a signature stating we received it.

Next, these are the only providers we have, but hey, guess what, this one right here is the best out of them all (lesser of two evils game) and doesn’t really follow most of Obamacare procedures like the other 4 companies.

Then next year, that company (the lesser of two evils one) will be forced to follow it and you will have no choice as you are already sucked in, hook line and sinker. That’s what Communists do best and you can be sure that is something along the lines of what they will try and do with Obamacare.

A military veteran who works with me stated that she has to find a new doctor now because two of the doctors that she knew or had gone to quit due to Obamacare. Now she is saying she may be forced to go back to the V.A. which is something that she doesn’t want to do.

I just want everyone to know that NO ONE is for Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and there are people who are fighting and will continue to fight to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Obama and his Communist buddies will try and force it down us, but WE THE PEOPLE will not give up and will never surrender to it.

Anyone else receive this document at their workplace?

If not or if you do receive it later, make your voices known to your supervisors and managers. Make them see that WE THE PEOPLE will not give to this unconstitutional Act.

WE THE PEOPLE shall prevail!

obamacare-1 Obamacare already trying to be Pushed through at the Workplace, Yet No One Wants It


obamacare-2 Obamacare already trying to be Pushed through at the Workplace, Yet No One Wants It