Obamanomics 101: The Math Doesn’t Add Up


Here is a simple class on Obamanomics that I hope demonstrates why the math doesn’t add up.

To begin with, President Obama has never provided a balanced budget.  He promised that he would cut spending by $2 for every $1 tax increase.  Reality is that his latest deficit reduction proposals would result in a $7 increase in taxes for every $1 in spending cuts.


money_small Obamanomics 101: The Math Doesn’t Add Up


  A number of the spending cuts in his proposal are actually delayed until 2018, affecting the administration of some future president and not his own, while his spending increases will increase by at least $335 billion during his second term.

Under Obamanomics, our tax dollars are being spent on the following:

  • $2.2 billion in 2012 for free cell phones for low-income Americans.  According to an FCC review, 41% of the 6 million recipients were not eligible or failed to prove eligibility.
  • $10 million on an FCC network security upgrade that deemed largely ineffective by the GAO.
  • $100,000 National Endowment of the Arts grant to develop a video game featuring a female superhero who was sent to save the Earth from climate changes that were caused by the many social issues that negatively affect women.
  • $7.7 million in severance packages to temporary workers at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River facility.
  • $376 million for renovations of the Oval Office and to build a second Oval Office to use while the renovation is being made.
  • $51 million annually to maintain 3.5 million square feet of unused building space.
  • $184 million worth of TSA security equipment is unused and sitting in a warehouse in Dallas which costs $3.5 million annually to lease.
  • $890,000 annually to keep over 13,000 empty bank accounts open.
  • $350,000 NSF grant to Purdue University to discover that golfers should imagine the hole to be bigger in order to boost confidence and accuracy.
  • $227,000 NSF grant to Michigan State University to study the evolution of National Geographic’s depiction of the evolution of animals from 1888 to 2008.
  • $500,000 NSF grant – part of which was used to develop a video game simulating high school prom.
  • $340 million DHHS loan to insurance company in New York to help establish healthcare co-ops.  The company, Freelancers Insurance Co is ranked dead last of all of the state’s insurance companies.
  • $800 million annually being overpaid to hospitals and clinics for a kidney dialysis drug.
  • $450,000 so Office of Naval Research could determine that unintelligent robots cannot keep a baby’s attention.
  • $2.1 billion overpaid in SSI benefits in 2011.
  • $850 million paid out to 117,000 people who received both SSI disability and federal unemployment benefits.
  • $7 million in unemployment benefits over a 4 month period to prisoners in Pennsylvania.
  • $156 million in 2011 paid out to employees working as representatives for government unions.

The list is longer than is provided here, but I hope you get the picture.  When school kids are turned away from touring the White House, or federal employees are forced to lose 14 days’ worth of pay because of sequestration, the government has money to throw away on frivolous things including a special helicopter flight for Obama’s dog.

The sad part is that it is just not Democrats doing this, it’s Republicans also.  It seems few if any of our elected leaders are fiscally responsible.  After all, it’s not their money, seems to be their thinking.  I only know of one politician in Washington that seems to be showing any sense of fiscal responsibility.  He has been returning hundreds of thousands of dollars he was allocated for his office staff and supplies that he didn’t use.  Perhaps it’s time we clean the rest of them out of Washington and put in people that will be fiscally responsible.

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