Obama’s Approval Crashes to All-Time Low in the 30s

Hunter Pearce

 Could this month have gotten any worse for Obama?  His ineptitude on the global stage was just exposed as Putin struck in Ukraine, showing just how weak America is under Obama.

Now, his approval ratings have hit an all-time low, falling to 38% among voters.  It’s amazing that it’s even that high.

Between Obamacare, numerous scandals, and a blatant disregard for the Constitution, he’s been one of, if not the worst, presidents in history in terms of both policy and abuse of executive power.  And Americans are finally catching on.

Fox News reports:

For the first time in a Fox News poll, fewer than four voters in ten — 38 percent — approve of President Obama’s job performance. Fifty-four percent disapprove. Before now Obama’s worst job rating was 40-55 percent in November 2013. Last month 42 percent approved and 53 percent disapproved (February 2014).

On which issues is the president getting the most backlash from voters?  Healthcare, transparency, and foreign policy.

clown_small Obama's Approval Crashes to All-Time Low in the 30s

Obama also promised to have the most transparent administration in American history. Voters are again unconvinced: 59 percent believe Obama has mostly failed to run a transparent administration. […]

As the crisis in Ukraine escalated, the poll finds by a 33-56 percent margin, most voters disapprove of the president’s handling of foreign policy — a new low for Obama on this issue. In December, 39 percent approved and 52 percent disapproved.

On health care, 36 percent of voters approve of the job Obama is doing, while 59 percent disapprove. He receives an almost identical 36-58 percent rating on the economy.

We can only hope that the Democratic Party’s association with Obama will kill Dems up for reelection this year.  They don’t want to be seen with the sitting president because his administration has been such a disaster.  They need to pay the price for failing to stand up to Obama’s blatant disregard of our constitutional rights, supporting Obamacare, and continuing to spend recklessly.  November can’t get here soon enough.

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