Obama’s Brother Finance Officer for Muslim Brotherhood — Egyptian Official


One reason for the Obama Administration’s support of the terrorist umbrella group the Muslim Brotherhood is that President Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama is a finance officer in charge of the Brotherhood’s international investments, according to an official of the Egyptian Supreme Court.

obamabrother_small Obama's Brother Finance Officer for Muslim Brotherhood -- Egyptian Official

Tehani el-Gebali, vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, said in a speech reported on Egyptian television that she would like “to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

What’s more, Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS’s tax-exempt division that is under congressional investigation for harassing Tea Party and other conservative groups, is apparently the official who signed off on Malik Obama’s tax-exempt Barack H. Obama Foundation, according to author Jerome Corsi.

Lerner is on paid executive leave after taking the Fifth in May during testimony before Congress on whether her division inappropriately delayed or denied tax-exempt status to Tea Party, patriot and other conservative groups.

Egyptians have good cause to be angry with the Obama Administration these days, after President Obama, most Democrats and the usual RINOs supported the results of the rigged election that put Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella group for al-Qaeda and numerous other terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Its roots are in 1928 Egypt, when it was founded by Hassan al-Banna as a Wahabbist group bent on spreading sharia law in a worldwide caliphate.

Egypt’s ambassador to Britain, Ashraf el-Kholy, this past week said, “The Muslim Brotherhood are like a Nazi group that demand that everything changes and people, everything to their way.”

The Brotherhood is more than just “like” a Nazi group. Almost from its founding, it was supported by the Nazi Party, and during World War II it served as saboteurs, spies and guerillas for Germany in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, in the SS Hanjar Division in Croatia and other units. Even today, Muslim Brotherhood training often includes al-Banna’s Arabic translation of Mein Kampf, retitled as My Jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the world’s largest Islamist organization, with operations in some 70 countries including America, and with agents throughout the Obama Administration. Based on what Gebali said, it appears the Muslim Brotherhood even has its fingers in the Oval Office through the president’s brother.

In her speech, Gebali said, “We will carry out the law, and the Americans will not stop us. We need to open the files and begin court sessions. … The Obama Administration cannot stop us; they know that they supported terrorism. We will open the files so these nations are exposed, to show how they collaborated with (the terrorists). It is for this reason that the American administration fights us.”

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