Obama’s Defense of Islam and Muslim Rights

President Barack Hussein Obama has always claimed to be a Christian ever since he decided to run for public office here in the United States. He was a long time member of Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago, which is no surprise since Wright is a Marxist advocate who preaches socialism from the pulpit.

Obama-Muslim-Brotherhood-220x120 Obama’s Defense of Islam and Muslim Rights

But a number of people believe that Obama’s background, which is still shrouded in controversy, may provide strong evidence that he was raised as a Muslim. Some claim to have evidence that proves he attended college here in the U.S. listed as a Muslim student from Indonesia.

If one professes to be a Christian, you would expect them to preserve and protect Christian values. You would expect them to quote from the Bible more than they quote from the religious texts of other religions. You would expect them to refer to the Bible as Holy, but not use the same term or religious reverence for other religious texts.

Using these tests, let’s evaluate the words and actions of President Obama.

Has Obama strived to protect and preserve our Christian values and principles? No. He has blatantly trampled down our Christian values and forced us to go against our Christian faith. His forcing Christians to abide by the contraception mandate is perhaps the best example of this. Secondly, his orders to the Justice Department to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act along with his endorsement of same-sex marriage and gay rights.

At the same time Obama is trampling the rights and values of Christians, he has taken actions to defend Muslims and preserve some of their rights. In the video below, listen to his own words. At the 4 minute mark, he talks about working with American Muslims to see that they can fulfill their acts of charitable giving. Under the Obama administration, it has become harder and more difficult for Christian and Jewish charitable giving.

He then proceeds to say that it is important for western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing their religion while they see fit, but he does not hold to the same view for Christians and Jews. He bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia but not to the Queen of England. In Muslim culture, his bowing to the Saudi king shows that he is subservient to the king.

It seems that Obama has quoted from the Quran more than he has quoted from the Bible. Why would a Christian quote so often from another religion that denies the deity of Jesus Christ and has vowed to eradicate Christians from the face of the earth?

In most instances when Obama quotes from or refers to the Bible, he does not refer to it as Holy. Yet every time I have heard him refer to the Quran, he calls it the Holy Quran.

Watch and listen to the video below, to Obama’s own words and then you decide if he is a Christian or a Muslim and who his allegiance lies with.