Obama’s Racist Buddies Praise God if Zimmerman Killed In Prison Had He Been Convicted


I started to write this before the jury handed down their verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman.  This was a tragic case that was tried in the media long before the jury had their chance to deliberate and one thing was sure, liberals and blacks cared nothing about the evidence.  All they knew is that Zimmerman, who many believe to be white, but is actually Hispanic, killed a young black teen and that the killing was racially motivated.

racists_small11 Obama’s Racist Buddies Praise God if Zimmerman Killed In Prison Had He Been Convicted

It didn’t matter to them that Zimmerman suffered a number of head injuries when Trayvon Martin pounded his head into the concrete.  It didn’t matter that Trayvon had marijuana in his system at the time of his death.  It didn’t matter that Trayvon had said the day before that he wanted to pick a fight with someone.  It didn’t matter that burglary tools were found that belonged to Trayvon.  It didn’t matter that Trayvon had posted photos of himself looking all tough and giving the finger.

The only thing that matter to the blacks and liberals is that an apparent white/Hispanic killed a black kid.  That community had convicted Zimmerman long before the trial even started, and many took their anger and vengeance out on innocent whites around the country.

As the trial neared its end, a number of people and organizations began to gather in Sanford, Florida.  One of those that gathered was Kojo Kayrallah who identified himself as being the Chief of Staff of the Florida chapter of the New Black Panthers.  He was accompanied by a small group of other New Black Panthers who seemed to handing out flyers that most likely had to do with their view of the George Zimmerman trial.

When Kayrallah was interviewed on camera, he said:

“Anything less than death for George Zimmerman is not justice.”

The interviewer asked Kayrallah what if Zimmerman was killed in prison, to which he responded:

“Praise be to God!”

Let’s take a brief look at the New Black Panthers.

Let’s go back to 2007 when Sen. Barack Hussein Obama was running for president.  He was in Selma, Alabama when he joined in a march with the New Black Panthers.  When they stopped to speak, Malik Zuly Shabazz, National Chief of the New Black Panthers took the podium.  After Shabazz finished speaking, Obama took the same podium to speak to the crowd, trying to get them to support his campaign.

A year later, during the November 2008 elections, two members of the New Black Panthers were caught on video intimidating voters at the polls.  The Justice Department had eyewitness testimonies along with the video.  It was an open and shut case.  However, a few months after Barack Obama was sworn in as President, he ordered Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to drop the case and have the men released from prison.  One of the two men just happened to be Malik Zulu Shabazz, the man that Obama marched with and spoke with the year before.

Not long after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the Florida chapter of the New Black Panthers released a video calling for widespread violence and bloodshed.  They even offered a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman.

Now, they are still abdicating death for Zimmerman and anything else is unacceptable to them.  They don’t care that Zimmerman received a fair trial and they obviously don’t care about the law.  But then again, Barack Obama doesn’t care about the law and is just as much of a racist as his buddies in the New Black Panthers.

If I were George Zimmerman, I would try to find a place to hide for some time until things simmered down because I truly believe that someone, either from the New Black Panthers or some other militant racist black will do their best to murder George Zimmerman.  It will definitely be a racial hate crime, but whoever commits the murder will not be charged with a hate crime because only whites get charged with racial hate crimes, blacks don’t!