Obama’s Top Priorities Good For Democratic Votes, Not For The Economy


 The nation narrowly averted defaulting on our loans and creating a smokescreen financial crisis.  Obama held out and forced the spineless Republicans to cave in on their principles and accept the tyrannical demands of a raving madman.  The government is back up and running from its 17% partial shutdown and supposedly everything is back to status quo.

the_big_fail1_small11 Obama’s Top Priorities Good For Democratic Votes, Not For The Economy

Status quo for Obama amounts to his continued push for his socialist ideologies that are purposed to bring the collapse of our nation.  Our economy is still extremely fragile and in lieu of the continuation of Obamacare will only deteriorate into another recession and possible a depression.  Millions of Americans are having their hours and income cut by 25% and are losing their employer provided healthcare benefits at the same time.  How many of you can afford a reduction of 25% of your income along with the loss of all health benefits and then face the insurance mandate that forces you to either buy healthcare you can’t afford or pay fines to the IRS?

Obamacare is destined to increase the number of Americans who will lose their homes to foreclosure and end up filing for bankruptcy.  This will result in another crash of the housing market which will have its domino effect through the rest of the job markets and the economy.

Yet, Obama seems to deny the obvious and instead of trying to fix the most critical problem facing our nation, his top three priorities are immigration, budget and the farm bill.

Number one on his agenda is immigration reform and winning over 11 million illegal voters to help Democrats win elections.  His program would cost the federal government several trillion dollars that we don’t have.  Derrick Morgan, Vice President of the Heritage Foundation warned about the cost of Obama’s immigration reform, saying:

“The American taxpayer can’t afford amnesty’s multi-trillion-dollar price tag.”

The end result of Obama’s immigration program would result in millions more people being added to the government welfare and entitlement programs.  There are already so many citizens on the various programs that it’s bleeding the federal government dry.  Additionally, there is nothing in Obama’s immigration reform program that would do anything to deter further illegal immigration.  In fact the opposite is true, he has already shackled the enforcement of immigration laws making it impossible for Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies to do anything to detain and deport illegals.  Knowing that they will be given tons of benefits and the promise of citizenship down the road, I would expect illegal immigration to increase, not decrease.

Second on Obama’s list of priorities is the budget.  He doesn’t want a budget that actually addresses the economic dangers the nation is facing.  He doesn’t want to cut spending when it is so desperately needed.  In fact, he wants to increase spending even more.  Can you imagine what would happen to you if you borrowed four times the money that you are able to pay back and then you turn around and ask to borrow even more money?  Who in the right mind would continue to lend you money knowing that you are already too far beyond your capacity to ever repay?  That’s Obama’s definition of a budget and if the recent shutdown is any indication, he’ll again stand his ground until he gets his way and nothing less.

Grover M. Hermann of the Heritage Foundation commented about the spending bill that was just past and Obama’s supposed sensible budget plan, saying:

“To truly avoid a spending and debt crisis, today and in the future, Congress should cut spending and enact entitlement reforms that put the budget on a path to balance.”

Third on Obama’s list of priorities is the farm bill and you may be asking yourself why.  The name farm bill is really a misnomer.  It should read something like ‘socialist co-op bill.’  Most of the reports I’ve seen on the farm bill indicates that it only harms the smaller family owned farms and is geared to pad the pockets of the big corporate farm companies along with padding the pockets of special interest groups and politicians.  Many of the items spelled out in the farm bill will restrict crop production which will insure that prices for farm goods will continue to rise.  One of the provisions in the farm bill would impose a tax on Christmas trees, but remember Obama promised to not raise taxes on middle and lower class America.  In the long run, the farm bill will also make it harder for many Americans to find a job.

When you combine the effects of all three of Obama’s priorities, it adds up to financial disaster to the nth degree.  It will cost jobs, deplete an already depleted economy and drive consumer prices higher and higher.  I don’t see how America can survive Obama’s priorities, but then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if that is the true purpose behind them.

From: http://godfatherpolitics.com/12942/obamas-top-priorities-good-democratic-votes-economy