OPEC Still Runs the Show – American Fracking Does Nothing to Bring Down Oil Prices

by Mark Schumacher

Since the oil embargo of 1973, oil has basically been run like big tobacco. The prices just never seem to go down, only up. Middle Eastern big oil calculates to two thirds of the world’s available oil today, and is easily adjusted to whatever climate it needs, to maintain the “Three Card Monty”. Americans are fracking like there is no tomorrow as the world oil climate still works as it always has, manipulated to the core by OPEC. Scientists from around the world have created this climate change wrench in the gearbox scenario that should have put the fallacious rigged price of oil on shaky ground, but obviously has failed to do so.  

opec_small OPEC Still Runs the Show – American Fracking Does Nothing to Bring Down Oil Prices

Obviously, climate change is here, and is here because it also has been manipulated. Nature never really had a chance. The world oil situation is run like by those who like the green stuff, and as for falling oil prices, you can forget about it. It’s mob run, so get used to it. Many economists will shake this theory off as ridiculous, as economists teach that supply and demand is the basic core rule, and its rules dictate. I can tell them this; America never has, and never will apply those rules to big tobacco, or big oil. Cancer from lung disease or bad weather from climate change hasn’t changed a damn thing.

Until we see a switch to more competition to alternative fuels, all bets are off. The oil cartel OPEC will be calling all the shots.  They have inflated the prices so much, that until then we are basically at their mercy. This process has been agonizingly slow in coming and for good reason, OPEC needs to keep their little people happy or they will storm the palaces. I would guess that one third the price of every Middle Eastern barrel of oil probably goes straight into the populations’ pockets to keep them happy; the rest of the other undistributed cash goes straight into the kings’ pockets.

Americans have kissed the Middle Eastern rear end for too damned long, I assume kickbacks and other types of drudgery have keep this con game alive for the last forty years. American transportation needs has been kept on basic oil for all this time for nothing else but greed. Methanol for example, can be extracted from the natural resource coal, and all that is required is a non corrosive fuel line and fuel sensor, after these simple changes you can convert practically any engine. This is just one of many alternative types of fuel available as we speak, much cheaper and non reliant on having to pay the king’s ransom we pay to the Middle Eastern oligarchs.

Point here is, OPEC is in the driver’s seat, and until we free ourselves from these clowns, nothing will ever change. They control the world market; their cartel is just too damned powerful.