Patriotic Customs Officials Defy Illegal Obama Judge Order

Daniel Greenfield,

Leftist activists are whining that patriotic customs officials are doing their duty by enforcing President Trump’s executive order keeping Americans safe while ignoring underhanded efforts by Obama judges like Ann Donnelly and Allison Burroughs to sabotage his order.

These absurd activist overreaches by Obama judges fly in the face of what it takes to keep our country safe. And leftist activists allege that customs personnel are choosing to ignore them.

illegalorder_small Patriotic Customs Officials Defy Illegal Obama Judge Order Patriotism  The ACLU, a radical pro-terrorist and anti-American hate group, is screeching that its activist lawyers and judges are being ignored while customs officials continue to do their jobs. The Obama era has ended.

CPB is doing its job and following the orders of President Trump. Not those of Obama’s leftist appointees.

While assorted aspiring Dem presidential candidates, notably Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, have done their grandstanding in front of the cameras, the hardworking patriots of CPB are the real heroes. Their defiance of illegal judicial activist orders should be a model for everyone working to keep us safe.