Pelosi: Hillary’s Strength, Popularity, and Prestige Drove the GOP to it’s Wit’s End

Sarah Jean Seman,

 Republicans are baffled at how to tear down the powerhouse known as Hillary Clinton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told CNN Wednesday. Her comments came after Republican political consultant Karl Rove questioned Clinton’s state of health earlier this week.

pelosi-grimace-Copy_small Pelosi: Hillary's Strength, Popularity, and Prestige Drove the GOP to it's Wit's End

Attacking Clinton only makes her a more foreboding 2016 presidential candidate, Pelosi claimed:

“I think that Hillary’s strength, her popularity, the prestige she enjoys, has driven the Republicans to their wit’s end. That’s what I think. I think what he said is…it’s just…it only makes her stronger.”

Forty-five percent of Americans view Clinton unfavorably, according to a recent Fox News poll—not exactly a stellar rating. Perhaps Clinton would gain more support if people knew what she had accomplished as secretary of state, however, even the State Department floundered at this question.

Republicans will certainly not be driven to their wit’s end because Clinton is highly qualified…but nice try, Pelosi.