Pelosi: House Dems ˜Proud’ of Obamacare, Those Running From it Are ˜Exceptions’

 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told State of the Union’s Candy Crowley Sunday morning that Democrats were openly embracing the success of the Affordable Care Act, and that the candidates who were distancing themselves from the law were the exception.

“7 million people signed up!” Pelosi said. “The Congress of the United States wrote the bill, the members are proud of what they’ve done, are happy to not run away from what we have done. We are proud of what we accomplished.”

Crowley asked about certain members in vulnerable districts who were crab-walking away from the bill, largely by proposing “fixes” to the legislation.

obama_pelosi_0202-Copy_small Pelosi: House Dems ˜Proud' of Obamacare, Those Running From it Are ˜Exceptions'

“There may be a few, and some of them weren’t there to vote for the bill, some of them were there and didn’t vote for the bill,” Pelosi said. “But they’re the exception…There are a couple of hundred Democrats in the House who are proceeding in a very positive way.”

Pelosi also took aim at the GOP’s new budget, which she called an “ideological manifesto.”

“It is a budget that takes us so into the past, as contrasted with the Democratic budget that is about the future,” she said.

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As Democrat Nancy Pelosi attacks the GOP Budget proposal, CNN’s Candy Crowley asks the Democrats’ Budget will balance the budget! Pelosi said it will get to balance through “growth” – but not by growing the private sector economy. But growing Government! She uses one of the Democrats’ favorite euphemisms for Government spending – “investments.”

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