Pelosi: Obamacare is “Going to be a Liberation, a Freedom


Pro-choice Nancy Pelosi is elated about forcing millions of Americans against their will into Obamacare. It’s called the Affordable Care Act, even though health insurance premiums will, on average, rise by anywhere from 100% to 400%.

pelosi-panic-160x90_small Pelosi: Obamacare is “Going to be a Liberation, a Freedom

 Pelosi even acknowledged that premiums aren’t going to go down for everybody. She said that there would be those who currently don’t have insurance who will be forced into buying a government-approved policy, and obviously for them, their rates will go up. But once Obamacare is here officially, all our dreams will come true:

 “But for everybody, again, [Obamacare] is going to be a liberation, a freedom. And we dealt with invincibles all along, and they were strong advocates – invincibles being young people who don’t think they’re ever going to be sick – all along, their strong support for how we went forward so that they again would have the freedom to start a business, be entrepreneurial, do what they wanted to do in their lives, not constrained by the fear of being sick… You just see. I mean, be optimistic about it. It is a very, very exciting enterprise.”

 You see what she did there? She equivocated on “freedom.” Under Obamacare, we would be “free” to achieve our dreams without concerns about illness. Slavery is freedom, right?

But that’s not the freedom we’re in favor of. How about being free to have our life and liberty and to pursue happiness without government mandates, regulations and taxes, all of which will be funded by the taxpayers?

Pelosi has her hopes up about how great Obamacare is going to be in “freeing” us from freedom. But I don’t think that real people will be all that pleased with it. Investor’s Business Daily reported:

 “Last month…AP reported that millions who now have individual coverage could see their policies canceled because they don’t comply with the law’s mandates. Many will end up forced to buy far more expensive coverage in one of those ObamaCare exchanges. Countless small businesses that currently offer health benefits will also find their insurance costs skyrocketing, thanks to ObamaCare’s myriad taxes, benefit mandates and intrusive market regulations. Millions more will likely find themselves dumped by their employers into the government-run exchanges. The Congressional Budget Office expects that 7 million will lose their employer coverage thanks to ObamaCare, and says this figure could reach as high as 20 million.”

 But let’s not get caught up in the negative minutiae of reality. Obamacare’s going to be a “liberation, a freedom.”

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