Pelosi Says Democrats Responsible, but for What?


 California’s top Democratic US Representative Nancy Pelosi finally found her true calling when she appeared on Comedy Central with Jon Stewart.  Her comments were so far from the truth that they were nothing but laughable.  Most celebrities that appear on Comedy Central say things to be funny, but the really sad part of Pelosi’s appearance is that she believes what she said to be true.

Pelosi told Stewart:

“There has always been a traditional difference between Democrats and Republicans.  Right now, though, we have a school of thought in the House Republican caucus that’s anti-government, anti-science, anti-Obama.  They have a trifecta which just enables them to just vote against everything.  As you say the other night in the State of the Union, they couldn’t applaud for everything, hard-working families.”

pelosi-grimace_small Pelosi Says Democrats Responsible, but for What?

“If you’re dealing with people who have no agenda, who nothing is their agenda and never is their timetable, it’s very difficult to negotiate with them.  We are responsible, in other words call us responsible.  They know we’re going to vote to not shutdown the government.  They know we’re going to vote for the budget no matter how unpleasant it is.  The choice we have is to be irresponsible and follow their path or, we don’t want to be fear mongers, but to explain this to the public is very bad news.”

Oh where do I start?  Republicans aren’t anti-government as much as they realize that government has grown excessively large and like a 1,000 pound person, it cannot continue to survive much longer at that immense size.  Additionally, some of the younger Republicans in Congress recognize that the 10th Amendment gives states most of the powers that the federal government has assumed over the years and they want to return those powers to the states.

She sounds like a typical evolutionist who says that if you do not believe in evolution that you must be anti-science.  With Pelosi, if we don’t buy into global warming then we must be anti-science.  I’m not sure that Pelosi knows anything about real science to begin with, let alone being qualified to call anyone that disagrees with her as being anti-science.

As for being anti-Obama, she hit the nail on the head with that one.  Why would we be pro-Obama when all he has done is to violate the US Constitution, commit treason and spend five years destroying Christianity, family values, sexual morals, jobs, the economy and everything that has been good about America?  The man is so dishonest that he continues to hide all of his college and personal records, documents and has never proven he is eligible to hold the office of President.  For once, Nancy Pelosi was right.

She’s also right when she said that Democrats are responsible.  They are responsible for the economic mess we are in.  It all started with Democrat Bill Clinton and his creative mortgage programs that began to collapse towards the end of George W. Bush’s presidency and carry over into Obama’s.  Instead of actually trying to fix the economy and jobs, Obama and the Democrats just keep throwing billions of dollars into worthless and failing projects.  More Americans are out of work now than when Obama took office.

Democrats are responsible for destroying the Christian values our nation was founded on.  They have destroyed traditional family values and undermined parental authority.  They are responsible for corrupting the moral values of our nation by legalizing homosexuality, same-sex marriage and now marijuana.  Now they are responsible for forcing Christians to do things against their faith.

Democrats are responsible for weakening our military and now training it to be ready to shoot Americans on American soil when Obama gives the order.
Democrats are responsible for putting thousands of physicians and medical professionals out of work.  They are responsible for making healthcare more unaffordable than ever resulting in millions more uninsured Americans today than when Obama took office.

Democrats are also responsible for putting thousands of small business owners out of business.  They are responsible for millions of Americans having their incomes cut by over 25% and losing their employer provided healthcare.

Democrats are responsible for millions of Americans dropping from middle class to poverty class.  They are responsible for nearly doubling the number of Americans receiving some form of government aid, be it welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.

Basically, Democrats are responsible for Americans going to hell in a hurry.

When asked about healthcare and the website, Pelosi said:

“We worked very hard to honor our responsibility to pass a bill that honors the vows of our Founders, life, a healthier life, liberty, the pursuit of your happiness…So for us, this vision that we have, this actual legislation that makes life better for people was our contribution to the future…”

Please tell me how the Affordable Care Act honors the vows of our Founding Fathers?  Pelosi said it allows for a healthier life, liberty and the pursuit of your happiness.  Millions more Americans are without healthcare coverage now than before Obamacare took effect.  What liberty does she mean when Obamacare demands compliance in so many areas?  It mandates that everyone purchase healthcare or be penalized.

  It demands that businesses have to provide a certain amount of healthcare benefits to their employees, even if they can’t afford to do so and remain in business.  It demands that Christian employers violate their faith by being forced to provide free contraception and abortifacients.  How can Americans pursue their happiness when they are stressed to the max trying to figure out how to pay for healthcare or face being financially ruined without it?

Their contribution to the future is a disaster that paints a very dark and grim view of what’s to come.  Our children and grandchildren will never know what it was really like in America before Obama and Pelosi took control and destroyed it.