Pelosi to Adopted Girl: Moms Should Be Able to ‘Choose’ To Kill Babies Like You

Amanda Prestigiacomo,

Fresh off a despicable hot mic slip urging a Muslim Congressman to play up his identity for political gain, former Speaker of the House and 100-year-old Democrat Nancy Pelosi made stomachs turn during a recent town hall event hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Pelosi was confronted by a female college student who explained that her young mother found out she was pregnant with her in less than perfect circumstances, but she gave her up for adoption instead of aborting her. The woman bluntly asked Pelosi: Shouldn’t all lives be given the same chance to thrive and succeed like I was? 

pelosioutoftouch_small Pelosi to Adopted Girl: Moms Should Be Able to 'Choose' To Kill Babies Like You Liberals

Now, there was no way Pelosi, being the abortion fanatic that she is, was going to concede the obvious: of course all lives matter and no one should be killed in the womb under the guise of “choice.” So instead, the Democrat decided to inform the young woman that she was happy her mother had the “choice” to kill her, although she didn’t choose to. 

Yup, seriously. 


“My birth mother was faced with the decision [of motherhood]… without the means of properly raising a child,” said the student. “She made the most ethical decision and chose adoption. With her courageous and unselfish decision, I now have the ability to thrive. Don’t you think that everyone needs the chance to thrive and succeed in life?”

Pelosi predictably pounced on the word “chose.” 

“You said ‘my mother chose,'” said the Democrat. “And we need other people to have that, uh… to have the opportunity to choose.”

After spouting off about how much she loves “our children” (the ones that aren’t murdered in utero), Pelosi continued along the same lines: “So I hope, uh, respecting your mother’s ability to make her choice, I hope you’ll help us help all of these children be able to thrive when their mothers make that choice to have them, as well.” 

Again, Pelosi is referring to the children that aren’t murdered in the womb.

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