Pelosi: We Need a Paul Revere to Sound the Alarm About Sequestration


As if Paul Revere would give a rat’s you-know-what about sequestration. If he were here today, I imagine that he would be heartbroken to find America in the state She is in, considering how he risked his life in his fight for freedom from a tyrannical government. He would see that the tyranny had simply changed faces from Britain to America.

pelosi_small2 Pelosi: We Need a Paul Revere to Sound the Alarm About Sequestration

The fact that our gigantic federal government has to “suffer” tiny cuts in proposed spending increases so they can’t have as many lavish parties would surely be the last thing on his mind if it were on his mind at all. I think he would wonder why in the world Americans let our government get this out of control. He certainly wouldn’t run through the streets warning Americans about the coming sequester.

She had to bring up Paul Revere, because it fit in with her “patriotic” spiel about Obamacare and Independence Day, saying that this coming 4th of July should be about celebrating “health independence”:

“I talk about the Fourth of July, about the health independence, but it’s also really time for us to sound the alarm. If Paul Revere were here today, we would need someone like him to be running through the street saying, ‘Sequester is coming!’ Sequester is here, really. A budget is needed. This is very fundamentally important to the success of our country, to the survival of many here, to the strength of our military and as well as to the success of our economy. So, we shouldn’t have any more time go by that we at least appoint conferees, hopefully meet as soon as we come back and resolve these differences. The consequences are great.”

She’s trying to revive a dead horse. The Democrats have beat sequestration to the point that it’s unrecognizable. Nothing’s happened because of the cuts in proposed increases. Teachers and meat inspectors aren’t being relegated to starve on the streets due to fake budget cuts.

And they tried to blame everything bad that’s happened since the “cuts” started on sequestration. The Boston bombing occurred because of sequestration. The jobs numbers have been down because of sequestration. The Oklahoma tornado happened because of sequestration. They’re upset because nothing has really changed all that much. And they even targeted the worst possible places in government to start cutting and implementing furloughs.

Pelosi wants a budget, and she and the rest of her team have been banking on a sequestration apocalypse to sell the idea of higher taxes instead of spending cuts. Their idea was to point to all the crises caused by sequestration as evidence of what happens when the government doesn’t expand at its usual rate.

But that apocalypse never happened. All Pelosi can do is claim that the apocalypse really is coming this time if we don’t do what she says. She thinks of herself as a sort of Paul Revere figure. But Revere was warning fellow countrymen of the coming enemy. Pelosi is the enemy.

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