People Will Vote For Trump to #DraintheSwamp

Someone close to me, who is voting for Hillary, sent me this article recently, thinking it did a great job of characterizing Trump voters as real people.  And I was so mortified and incensed reading it, that I felt it necessary to respond with my own thoughts on this election, and who I will be voting for.

Article by Tyler Durden

The article is a perfect example of virtue signaling as it relates to this election.  Nowhere in the article does John Biggs, the author, indicate that he has actually spoken with any Trump voter who actually has anything positive to say about Trump himself or his proposed policies.  Instead, the quotes are merely meant to symbolize angry conservatives who are voting against Hillary moreso than they are voting for Trump.  It seems this Ohio native turned Brooklyn hipster has taken but one glance at the odds and surmised that since he believes Hillary is going to win, and since he has such a large following, it is his duty to begin reaching out to Trump voters to bridge the partisan divide.  It seems as if he wants to unite everyone under a nation of corruption and crime for the leaders, but not for the general population.  Seeing as how I regularly communicate with Trump voters, I felt it my duty to respond, and will preserve the anonymity of my contributors by speaking through my own voice.

 However, it is important to give some background on myself, my voting record, and who I will be voting for.  Since I have been eligible to vote, I have voted for the Libertarian candidate for President.  I am firmly convinced that the differences between the two parties are merely superficial, as they are both committed to deficit spending, endless wars, welfare handouts, and corporate bailouts/kickbacks, which are the real issues plaguing the country today.  Most recently, in 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson, as I was very impressed with his campaign and platform.  At the time, Charlie at Single Dude Travel did an excellent job of characterizing what it means to vote for a third party, and not be a part of the two-party scam:

Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is repugnant, intellectually lazy, stupid and morally decrepit. The whole point of democracy and voting in the first place is to demand a candidate you believe in. If anything is wasting a vote it’s voting for someone you term as “the lesser of two evils”. How about a new rule: “Don’t vote for evil, dumbasses!”

drain-the-swamp_small-2 People Will Vote For Trump to #DraintheSwamp Trump  Last year, seeing as how he was running again, and looking at the pathetic field of candidates put forward from both parties, including Donald Trump, I assumed I would again be voting for Johnson. However, a few things changed for me recently.  Most importantly, Johnson displayed an incredible aloofness while campaigning, and with the possibility of becoming President.  He not only deviated from the Libertarian platform, he had several blank moments, mostly regarding taxation and foreign policy.  His choice of notorious gun grabber Bill Weld as running mate met me with disdain, and when Weld recently abandoned the Libertarian campaign to convince people to vote for Hillary instead, out of his “fear” of Trump, I was aghast.  I realized Weld, the 2nd name on the Libertarian ballot, was a mere establishment shill, and had abandoned everything the platform stood for.  Meanwhile, Trump had been slowly but surely positioning himself as the anti-establishment candidate, campaigning against corporate interests, and on a platform that doesn’t involve warmongering and control by bureaucrats, billionaires, elites, and the MSM.

So, I’m currently an undecided voter; I haven’t made up my mind between Gary Johnson and Donald Trump.  However, if you’ve been reading my content, it should be rather obvious where I stand on at least a couple things.  The major thing I’ve decided in regards to this election is that the only thing worse than voting for Hillary Clinton and electing a criminal who is for sale to the highest bidder with disdain for the general public, is doing so for the sole purpose of “voting against” Donald Trump. Voters’ refusal to consider a vote for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Poopy McPoopypants, or any other write-in candidate is exactly as Charlie described it above.  They have been so blinded by billionaires, elites, and the MSM with disdain for Trump, they are willing to continue their “march of tyranny” by electing a criminal who cares for no one except those who have enriched her with their control over her leadership.