The Mainstream Media is now a major advocate for not-so-free speech … …
except when they want to publish or post their ‘truth’ on their front pages.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Phil Robertson suspended ‘indefinitely’ for gay quip

No one has ever seen anything like it in American Mainstream Media (MSM)! A famous TV star voices his honest opinion, and he is indefinitely suspended.  Hollywood used to be a liberal and quite tolerant place, yes?  Not now, especially if you don’t share management’s sentiments on specific issues … like the LGBT agenda.

first_small11 Phil Robertson’s Suspension: CHILLING EFFECT ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH

The blatant hypocrisy and double standard vividly demonstrated by the MSM is even more dramatic.  Their knee-jerk reactions are so over the top that one wonders if they are all drinking Kool-Aid laced with every psychotropic and psychoactive drug available. Honestly, these people have really gone crazy. And yet they have been put in charge of the insane asylum of Mainstream Media.

One thing is now very clear:  The MSM has been empowered by the establishment to launch any witch hunt necessary to shut down any and all resistance to their shameless advancement of the LGBT agenda.  This particular MSM mandate is crystal clear.  And Phil Robertson has been made the perfect high profile example of what will no longer be tolerated — be it genuine free speech or not.

DISCLAMER:  We are taking no position whatsoever on any of the relevant LGBT issues involved in this explosive and provocative saga.  We only mean to expose that which is trying to subvert our right to free speech.  Protection of free speech is absolutely paramount in the ensuing public debate regarding the LGBT agenda.

thought-police-e1369141340932 Phil Robertson’s Suspension: CHILLING EFFECT ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH

The Thought Police Have Finally Arrived

2014 will become know as the actual Orwellian year — 1984.  The audacity of Hollywood  to turn on its own so quickly and aggressively over the expression of personal opinion is as Kafkaesque as it gets.  We’re talking about the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.  Only this kettle ain’t black.

What is particularly concerning about this turn of events is that it reflects the inordinate power of those who promote the LGBT agenda from the top down, and the bottom up.  In short, the LGBT lobby has become the single most powerful political force in the world today.  It has evolved into such a well-oiled and efficient machine that it can take down the most well-connected and wealthy political leaders in a heartbeat.

The MSM is so committed to the LGBT agenda that if you cross them publicly in this regard, you will be made into mincemeat by the end of the same day.  Such is the terrible wrath that Phil Robertson is now experiencing.  One day he is the biggest star of the most popular TV show on the planet; the next day he is indefinitely suspended from his featured role in the TV hit Duck Dynasty.

Wow, talk about reversal of fortune.  The LGBT lynch mob will have you lynched before you even leave the radio station interview.  They have formed a network of “snitches and spies” (who surf the internet for perceived transgressions) that would make Joseph Stalin envious … for real!

Back to the political lobby part.  The LGBT has become way too big for a cause that is dubious at best, morally corrupt at its worst.  This shadowy power group, whoever they are, has decided what is best for humankind, and they are determined to foist their agenda on the entire planet.  They are equally intent on imposing their sexual preferences and behavior on the nation regardless of its acceptability.  Their LGBT vision is being inserted into every sphere of life, not only in the USA but throughout the entire world.

Unknown-21 Phil Robertson’s Suspension: CHILLING EFFECT ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH

LGBT Weapons of Choice and MO

Word to the wise that, whenever you express your opinion regarding any part of the LGBT agenda, be prepared to be called a homophobe, a hater, a bigot, an anti-homosexual, among many other nasty things.  Mind you, this reaction will occur regardless of what your true feelings are about the LGBT issues.  This unseemly crowd swarms around perceived antagonists like a pack of jackals and will tear them apart with baseless ad hominem attacks.

The LGBT advocacy network will also exploit any weakness that a target might present.  No matter who the individual is, their station in life or perceived power in the community, they will be taken down in a New York minute if they cross a certain line.  The LBGT tactics and techniques are as old as the CIAs or KGBs.  Smear, trash, besmirch the victim’s reputation any way they can so as to neutralize their impact on society.  If they happen to enjoy any perch of corporate or political power, knock them off as quickly as possible.

When a society allows one group, especially a very fuzzy thinking advocacy group, to have the upper the hand in every single debate, something is very wrong.  When the same group can libel and slander their adversaries at will, the problem just got bigger.  Even the US Federal Government and national legal community have gotten into the fight … clearly on the wrong side.  The ensuing political dynamics have permitted flagrant defamation of character and character assassination on those who have run afoul with the LGBT agenda.

Phil Robertson knows the deal real well by now.  They essentially got him fired for speaking very candidly — and honestly — in an interview.  To take down the most popular guy on TV in the blink of an eye speaks to the pervasiveness of LGBT reps within Hollywood and the MSM.  They functioned as judge and jury, prosecutor and executioner within a day’s time.

548x241xduck-star-gays.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.ddMovywjrq Phil Robertson’s Suspension: CHILLING EFFECT ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Where can this possibly go but in the wrong direction … before it goes in the right direction!

What does one do with a Mainstream Media that has lost its ability to reason. When the human faculty of reason has fled from so many, and to this degree, where are we going? Common sense has now become so rare that the society will surely suffer a breakdown … one of epic proportions.

When the MSM and Hollywood can pour so much offensive garbage into our TV sets, on the big screens at every theatre near you, and on every computer screen, and then bristle when someone speaks some “gospel truth”, something is VERY upside down.  This same group of media magnates, movie producers, directors and actors, news anchors, talking heads, etc. are the same folks who scream and yell “HOMOPHOBE” when there’s nary a homophobe in the room … or on the set.

This year is ready for a real shoutin’ match.  Phil Robertson is just the guy to do the shoutin’ because of his authentic posture toward this highly charged and demanding social issue.  In other words, if he cannot rally the troops of sanity and moral uprightness, no one can.  Truly, Phil may be just the perfect foil to the liberal LGBT agenda that is being foisted on US.  However, he will need LOTS of prayer to safely weather the many storms which will undoubtedly be sent his way.  As a natural born preacher, we trust this will be the greatest role of his lifetime.

Michael Thomas
State of the Nation
December 20, 2013

Author’s Note:
If we wrote what we really felt, we would probably be kicked off the internet for the rest of this incarnation.  Suffice to say that the LGBT agenda is totally out of control.  The purveyors of every aspect of this highly skewed and morally bankrupt agenda must be dealt with in the upcoming public discourse.  They cannot be allowed to run their trips on the rest of society.  Otherwise, what will become of the children. What will they be taught, and what will they learn?

Here’s what is going on at the college level!

College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young Girls

“The Not-So-Natural”: 6-Foot- 6 Transgender-Bender Basketball Player Described as Team’s “Glue”

Brown University’s student health plan will cover 14 different sex change procedures that insurance companies have labeled ‘cosmetic’

Yale Students Receive Bestiality, Incest Sensitivity Training During ‘Sex Weekend’

College Offers Course Devoted Entirely To Pornography

The hardcore LGBT stormtroopers are a relatively small group, but many among them occupy positions of significant mundane power. Barack Obama is just one of the torchbearers of this movement.  His aggressive LGBT advocacy both at home and abroad, just like his extreme stance on abortion, has greatly corrupted the nation.  His unabashed campaigning for gay marriage around the world has made him enemies both big and small.  Even the black pastors of America have risen up against the Obama Administration’s misguided policies regarding gay marriage.

Similarly, many corporate CEOs and Chairmen have climbed on board this LGBT bandwagon as we saw with the ATT Chairman and CEO who directed the gay takeover of the Boy Scouts.  Home Depot has gone so far as to sponsors kids’ booths at gay pride parades. “Home Depot is basically encouraging the attendance of children at events which openly expose them to transvestites, cross-dressers, and homosexual activities.”

How much further will we let the LGBT agenda go?  What will our children and grandchildren say 20 years hence, when it is taught in schools that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality?  Or that gay/lesbian behavior are signs of spiritual advancement, as one website put it.

Phil Robertson simply drew our attention to certain homosexual practices which go against natural law.  By doing so he showed that we now enjoy the same state of affairs as a place called Sodom and Gomorrah of biblical notoriety.  It was there that a similar form of profound moral depravity took hold of the people.  Sodomy is now well known to be an extremely unhealthy and unnatural sexual practice because of that bible story.   And we all know how that ended!

Lastly, would you want to be raised as a child by two gay parents?  Would you want to be taught that homosexuality is the superior sexual orientation?  That our nation even allows for these things to be ‘legitimized‘ is a stain on the entire body politic.  To debauch and corrupt the children is always considered the very worst of transgressions against both God and neighbor.