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Peter Thiel: We’re Voting For Trump Because The Leadership Of Our Country To Have Failed

Peter Thiel: We’re Voting For Trump Because We Judge The Leadership Of Our Country To Have Failed Speaking At The National Press Club In Washington, Thiel Amplified On His Support For The Republican Nominee To Whom He Donated $1.25 Million In A Move That Stunned Silicon Valley. Click Here To Watch Peter Thiel: ‘What Trump

Hillary Clinton Receiving Advance Debate Question ‘Should Be an Automatic Disqualification’

A Michigan mother is furious that now-DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile sent Hillary Clinton advance notice of her question at a Democratic presidential debate in Flint, Michigan this March. According to the latest Wikileaks release of John Podesta’s emails, Brazile tipped off Clinton to an incoming question from an audience member at the debate hosted by

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State

Daniel Greenfield, Send a $200 million check to Iran. September 11, 2001 has come and gone. Countless bodies lie scattered in fragments around where two of the country’s tallest skyscrapers once stood. Some have burned to ash. Others had their throats slashed by Islamic terrorists. Still others fought and died on a plane to prevent

Trump Campaign Sprints Into Final Week In Blue States As Hillary’s Momentum Collapses

Matthew Boyle, NEW YORK — A confident campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is sprinting into the final full week of the campaign as his opponent Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is struggling. Federal law enforcement officials are taking another look at her emails, held on a home-brew server that was set up in

Now it’s Clinton vs. Comey, with hypocrisy on both sides

Howard Kurtz,   Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the FBI again investigating Hillary Clinton is the rather predictable partisan back-flips. No sooner did we learn that James Comey had come up with new email evidence than Donald Trump—and some conservative commentators—came to a much more positive view of the FBI director. Before, he was

Cutting Through Democrats’ Furious Spin and Blame on Renewed FBI Probe into Hillary’s Emails

Guy Benson, Warning: With Hillary Clinton’s fortunes abruptly plunged into political jeopardy, the Left’s furious hackery has become so piping hot that close contact may result in severe burns.  Before we get to that, let’s review what we know so far. The FBI has reactivated its probe into her improper, unsecure, national security-endangering email scheme, due to the discovery

Clinton Lost Steam in Polls Carried out BEFORE the FBI’s Bombshell on Email Scandal

Trump Wipes Out Clinton’s Lead. They inched closer on Tuesday and again on Thursday, separating the pair by only two points.  The sudden drop in popularity was gauged on voter preferences given before the FBI announced on Friday it had reopened its investigation into her use of emails as Secretary of State.  What effect the revelation, made by

I Would Like To See People Like Donald Trump Run For Office; They’re Honest And Can’t Be Bought

Hillary Clinton In 2013. Before running against billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump for the presidency, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience at a private, paid speech she wanted to see more successful businessmen and women run for office because they can’t be bought. In a speech made public by Wikileaks – which