Poll: Majority of Americans Say Obama “Deliberately Misled

 A recent poll performed by Quinnipiac University reveals that the majority of Americans believe that President Obama “deliberately mislead” (read: blatantly lied to) the American people about the facts concerning the four murders in Benhazi on September 11, 2012.

benghazi_us_cons_small11 Poll: Majority of Americans Say Obama “Deliberately Misled

The question posed was: “Do you think the Obama administration deliberately misled the American people about the events surrounding the death of the American ambassador to Libya, or do you believe the Obama administration shared the facts with the American people as they became available?”

Naturally, only 17% of Democrats believe this to be true while 80% of Republicans do. Obama’s biggest hit, however, came from nearly 60% of Independents believing the president lied about Benghazi, bringing the overall total of people who cannot trust Obama about Benghazi to a majority: 52%.

Here are the results of the poll

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Let’s perform a quick recap of Obama’s questionable-at-best actions surrounding the Benghazi murders:

  • He forced five Benghazi survivors to sign “non-disclosure” forms so that they couldn’t testify to Congress about that night’s sequence of events.
  • Agents confirmed that the “stand down” order did happen, despite the Obama Administration’s claims otherwise; a former ambassador said the only person that order could have come from is Obama himself.
  • Obama “accidentally” armed the very terrorists that attacked the embassy.
  • The team assigned to tracking the suspects was “permanently withdrawn” from their search. His promise to find the guilty and bring them to justice can be chalked up to yet another lie from the Administration.
  • He promoted Susan Rice, who lied on national television that Benghazi was spurred by a YouTube video, to National Security Adviser after the attacks took place.

And the list goes on

Obama needs to be prosecuted… and then impeached. In addition to the outright corruption he’s participated in regarding Benghazi, here are eight other reasons he should be sent packing. Help us spread the word by sharing this article.

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