Poll: Should Nevada Fire Harry Reid?

Ben Marquis, 

 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been called the most hated “leader” in Congress, and he has long been surrounded by allegations of corruption and dirty tactics.

Rush Limbaugh refers to Reid as “Dingy” Harry, and Greta Van Susteren says Reid is a bully and should resign.

Do you think Nevada should fire Harry Reid?  Vote in our poll below then keep reading to see how Reid has been dirty and corrupt throughout his time in office.

harry-reid-Copy Poll: Should Nevada Fire Harry Reid?

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Harry Reid was instrumental in the “nuclear option” in the Senate, changing the rules to allow President Obama to more easily stack the courts with his partisan nominees.  He has also publicly called private citizens liars on the Senate floor, declaring their personal stories of the effects of Obamacare to be false.

Now we have a new charge of corruption against Harry Reid involving misuse of campaign funds, with even the Federal Election Commission becoming involved.

The New York Post reports:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent nearly $17,000 in campaign funds to his granddaughter, and disclosed their relationship only under pressure from the Federal Election Commission, it was reported Wednesday.

The money went to his 23-year old granddaughter Ryan Elisabeth Reid in the form of two separate checks back in October.

When first contacted by Las Vegas journalist Jon Ralston, Reid’s office said Ryan Elisabeth was a campaign vendor — without acknowledging she was Reid’s granddaughter.

Reid’s aides later said the payments were for purchases from her Berkeley, Calif., jewelry business and that the items went to campaign donors.

The FEC contacted Reid’s office last week reminding them of campaign finance rules and seeking clarifications and descriptions of the disbursement of campaign funds.  They said a failure to respond “could result in an audit or enforcement action.”

FEC regulations allows for gifts of “nominal value”, but not for family members, although grandchildren are not specifically listed as prohibited family members.

Reid’s campaign didn’t respond to detailed questions about the nature of the gifts. “You’ve got to know the nature of the gifts and how many there were and what their value was to assess whether it’s lawful or not,” former FEC commissioner Michael Toner told The Post.

“We complied with all the rules,” Reid told reporters Wednesday. “Everything was complied with beforehand.”

This is actually not the first time that Harry Reid has run afoul of FEC campaign finance rules.  Reid has quite a long list of alleged questionable, unethical and downright corrupt behavior.  These include numerous shady land deals, ties to Jack Abramoff’s pyramid scheme, ties to the mob, ties to ACORN and voter fraud, interference with the Department of Interior and Indian casinos, and nepotism (his sons have gotten rich lobbying in DC).  It is even rumored that he is currently the target of an FBI fraud probe that is being blocked by the DOJ.

Harry Reid is up for reelection in 2016.  The people of Nevada need to give him a really close look, and decide if they want such a delusional and corrupt politician to still be their primary representative on the national stage.  He is an embarrassment to Nevada, and needs to be fired as soon as possible.