POLL: Would You Vote for Rand Paul Over Hillary Clinton?

 Of course things can change over the next two years, but as it stands now the 2016 Presidential race is looking like it will be a battle between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton.

One promotes a smaller government based on the Constitution, while the other is the epitome of the Establishment that seeks to maintain and expand the status quo big government.

While it should be a no-brainer for readers of Capitalism Institute, we still feel compelled to ask, if given the choice between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?  Please vote in our poll and then read on to find out why we would vote for Rand Paul over Hillary Clinton.

rand_small POLL: Would You Vote for Rand Paul Over Hillary Clinton?

Would You Vote for Rand Paul Over Hillary Clinton?

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Rand Paul has been an outspoken advocate for the privacy of the individual and protection of the Fourth Amendment against the warrantless data-mining and spying conducted by the NSA.  He has launched a lawsuit against the Obama administration for their role in the NSA spying and called for the prosecution of James Clapper for lying about the NSA spying under oath in front of Congress.

Rand delivered virtually the same speech about Fourth Amendment privacy and the NSA to both CPAC and Cal-Berkeley, where he said that President Obama is “shredding the Constitution”.  He received a standing ovation from both the conservative and liberal crowds.

Rand Paul jumped into national prominence last year with his filibuster over Obama’s drone policy and what Rand called domestic tyranny.  The President claimed the power and authority to use drones to kill American citizens on American soil.  Rand challenged that authority, and the administration later agreed that they in fact did not have the power to kill Americans on American soil.

When it comes to foreign policy, Rand Paul is a non-interventionist.  He wants to stop giving foreign aid money to countries with anti-American stances.  He also stood strongly against involvement in Syria, especially Obama giving arms to Al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebels.

Finally, Rand Paul is a strong advocate for the Second Amendment, in opposition to the UN’s gun control treaty.  He has stood up against the train wreck that is Obamacare.  He has called for an audit of the Federal Reserve and a balanced budget to bring down the deficits and national debt while shrinking the size of government.

Standing in stark contrast to Rand Paul is Hillary Clinton.  The wife of the former President that was impeached, she was a Senator that accomplished nothing of substance and a Secretary of State that set back US relations with the world and got four Americans killed in Benghazi.

We have previously given you 6 reasons why Benghazi proves Hillary should never be President.  Some of those reasons include her lying about the cause of the attack, cutting security to the compound and hiring radical Islamists to guard the compound.  A Congressional report blames her for the attack, and one of the victim’s mother blames Hillary for the loss of her son.

Hillary Clinton is also a supporter of Obamacare.  In fact, she was the driving force behind the attempt at socialized medicine in the 90s, which was nicknamed “Hillarycare”.  When Obamacare eventually fails, she has already admitted that she would like to see a fully socialized, single-payer system for healthcare in America.

Then of course there is the long history of lies and unethical behavior she has exhibited, all the way from her time on the Watergate Committee (from which she was fired) to her time as Governor’s wife in Arkansas, and the many alleged scandals that occurred there.

Fortunately for freedom and liberty loving Americans, there is a rumor that Hillary may have health issues that will prevent her from running for President.  While we certainly don’t wish serious illness on anyone, we are a bit more concerned about the health and well-being of our country.

It should be obvious that, given the choice between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton, there really is no choice at all.