Popular Democrat Compares Illegals To Slaves

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 There seems to be no end to the outrageous rhetoric the left is willing to use in its support for amnesty. Radical ideologues routinely castigate conservatives, calling them racist and xenophobic for merely respecting America’s immigration laws.

While Democrats of all ethnicities are on board with the cause to legitimize illegal immigrants, at least insofar as that move will create more Democrat voters, the message tends to appear more sincere when it comes from a prominent Latino. Unfortunately, such sources are also among the most likely to make gross mischaracterizations about the plight of their people.

Obama-Amnesty-Never-Never-Land_small Popular Democrat Compares Illegals To Slaves

This hyperbolic tendency was on full display in recent comments by San Antonio Mayor and rising Democrat star Julian Castro. The 2012 Democrat National Convention keynote speaker appeared on MSNBC this week with his brother, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, to discuss immigration.

When describing the current situation of at least 11 million people – primarily from Mexico – in clear and constant violation of U.S. law, Castro incredibly said their battle is not unlike that of slaves forced into hard labor during the darkest days of American history.

“It would be unprecedented in American history for us to create a permanent class of folks who are not citizens outside of slavery,” he said, “and we certainly learned our lesson from that.”

Willfully disregarding the fact that slaves were forced to enter America while the millions of illegals currently here made the trek on their – or their families’ – own volition, the Castro brothers nevertheless asserted the invented right of these scofflaws to be fully integrated into American society.

“We’re pushing for full-fledged citizenship,” Joaquin explained.

Apparently sensing his comments might be construed, and rightfully so, as offensive toward the suffering of American slaves, Julian took the calculated move of backing away from his initial statement.

“I’m not comparing the two in any other sense except to say that … we want, in the United States, for folks to be fully invested in our nation,” he said.

Though a recent Gallup poll shows just 3 percent of Americans view immigration reform as a priority, the pro-amnesty left presents it as the defining social ill of our time.

–B. Christopher Agee